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Elizabeth Larkin

Elizabeth Larkin

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Elizabeth Larkin enjoys working with both individuals and organizations to implement and refine organizational and productivity processes. You can connect with Elizabeth at her Google+ Profile: Elizabeth Larkin


Elizabeth is an organization and productivity expert living and working in Connecticut.

Her organizational and productivity advice has been featured on WNPR's "Where We Live" and "The Real Life Survival Guide," and in The Family Handyman magazine from Reader's Digest.

When she's not advising clients on the best way to reach their goals more smartly and efficiently, she writes Connecticut Day Trips a blog about travel, food and fashion.

By Elizabeth Larkin:

Personal organizing can take many forms: productivity, home organization, clutter control, and storage solutions, just to name a few. I aim to guide readers in creating simple, realistic solutions to common organizing and time management problems in their homes, offices and online.


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