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Quick 30 Minute Home Organization Projects

Quick Projects, Big Impact: Get Organized in 30 Minutes


30-minute home organization projects are a great way to begin organizing your home and life, because 30 minutes is a very manageable amount of time.

Top Quick Organizing Projects

1. Organize the kitchen in 30 minutes.

How to organize the kitchen in 30 minutes
Photo / The Container Store

I call this the kitchen organization make-under. WHat that means is that you do a a full kitchen organization sweep without having to dive too deep into cleaning out the fridge or re-organizing your entire pantry, while still getting the benefits of a good kitchen organization. 

2. Declutter the bathroom in 30 minutes.

30 minute organization projects to declutter and organize your home
Photo / Pottery Barn

This guide will take you around your bathroom(s) in a quick 20-30 minutes to toss old medications and makeup, wipe down counter tops, tidy drawers and shelves and declutter each space quickly and efficiently. 

3. Declutter your entryway and landing strip in 30 minutes.

Declutter your entryway in 30 minutes.
Photo / Pottery Barn

Take 30 minutes and really declutter the entryway (or foyer) *and* your landing strip. This is where a lot of paper clutter tends to pile up.  

4. Organize the entire living room in 30 minutes.

Organized Book Collection from Domino Magazine
Photo / Domino Magazine

 Take 30 minutes to gather everything that doesn't below in the living room and put it back into it's proper storage space, then straighten everything that does belong in the living room in these 7 steps. 

5. Organize your closet in 30 minutes.

How to organize the closet in 30 minutes.
Photo / Elle Decor

What this is not: a large-scale, top-to-bottom closet organization.

What is is: A good, solid, basic closet organization guide that will get you results in 30 minutes (or less). 

6. Declutter your nightstand.

Seagrass Headboard from Pottery Barn
Photo / Pottery Barn

Take everything out of, and off your night stand, dust it, then start sorting items into three piles: toss, keep, store in another area. Pay special attention to the items you need to move back to their proper storage space, if they're always hanging around the night table, maybe you should consider moving them to your night table permanently.

What you'll need: Trash can, recycling bin.

7. Declutter the closet.

Emily Schuman's Walk In CLoset Part 1
Photo / Emily Schuman

Not a full-scale closet assault, but a way to declutter in 30 minutes or less. Learn how to let go of sentimental pieces, install a donate box, locate a clothes donation facility and ask the right questions about the clothes you're storing in the closet.

What you'll need: My Favorite Closet Organizing Products

8. Organize your bedroom dresser.

Take 30 minutes now to organize your dresser and getting dressed tomorrow morning will take half the time. Here's why: You don't have to know exactly where every shirt, jean and sweater is located, but knowing where your shirts, jeans and sweaters are stored means you are "organized enough."

What you'll need: Elbow grease, donation box.

9. Quickly organize the linen closet.

Rick Lew / Getty Images

Quickly organize your linen closet, including organizing towels, sheets, comforters and blankets. This is a great first step in organizing your bathroom.

Bottom Line: Organizing your linens and linen closet will make it easier for you, your family and house guests to find what they need quickly and will speed up the bed-making and laundry processes.

What you'll need: Shelf dividers.

10. Create project bins for everyday projects.

Take 30 minutes to organize a bin for a project you do regularly that requires a few different tools to get done, like gift wrapping (gift wrap or bag, tissue paper, tape, scissors, greeting cards, stamps, pens). Continue reading How to Organize Project Bins.

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