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The Basics of Organizing

Getting started organizing can be a challenge but these guides will provide step-by-step How to Guides, how to create more storage space, how to declutter and products to use when organizing.
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Tips to Organize Everything from A-Z
Tips to organize it all with resources for everything from accessories and linens to bathrooms and garages. Learn how to organize all of the items in your home, office and storage spaces.

Home Organization 101
Home organization has 5 basic steps: motivate, declutter, organize, store and maintain.

Why, What, & How to Organize
Learn the basics of why, what and how to organize your home, items, office and workspaces, and your time.

What to Organize
Before you can begin organizing, you need to know what exactly you need to organize. This checklist of What to Organize A-Z will come in handy.

How to Organize Basics
Professional organizer Lisa Zaslow teaches you the basic 5 steps of organizing, and how you can apply them to each room in your home.

How to Sort and Group Items
Learn how to sort and group items together for improve organization in your home and office.

How to Store Items by Season
Storing items by season--especially in the closet, kitchen and entryway--makes good sense. Here's how to do it.

How to Keep Home Organization Simple
It's important to keep things simple when you begin organizing, and even more important to be realistic with your time and attention.

How to Start Small When You Organize
Get started organizing your home and office by starting small.

How to Spend Smartly When You Organize
Don't be overwhelmed when purchasing storage solutions. Get started by planning, researching and measuring your spaces correctly.

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