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Daily Checklist

Keep track of what you need to get done each day with the Daily Checklist


Surgeons use checklists, pilots use checklists, and you should be using checklists as well. Following a checklist allows you to focus more on getting things done rather than wasting precious brain space on:

  • What you need to accomplish
  • What you've already accomplished

Keep track of your daily tasks with this printable Daily Routine checklist. 

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I front-load the Daily Checklist with most of the tasks t be complete in the evening. This way you can get out the door more quickly in the morning:


____ Grooming

____ Wipe the sink


_____ Dress

_____ Make Bed

_____ Tidy night table


____ Prepare and eat breakfast(s)

____ Defrost ingredients for dinner

____ Pack lunches


____ Check work bag for keys, cell phone, work papers

____ Check school bags


Wether you work in an office or at home, I suggest completing the following either right before or right after your lunch break:


____ Check in with To Do list

____ Schedule appointments

____ Clean out 5 personal emails from your inbox

____ Respond to meeting requests, evites and invitations

____ Check your calendar. Are there any birthdays/anniversaries/important dates this week/next week? 


____ Bank: Banking/ATM

____ Post Office: Do you have anything to mail? Stamps? 

____ Drugstore: Toiletries, greeting cards, odds & ends

____ Dry cleaner


My #1 tip for successfully checking off this list is to start these tasks the minute you walk in the door. I personally go straight into the kitchen.  Don't wait until you're half asleep on the couch to begin your evening routine.


____ Prepare dinner

____ Add items to running grocery list

____ Check in with your menu plan for the week

____ What's for lunch tomorrow?

____ What are tomorrow's snacks?

____ What's for dinner tomorrow?

____ Pack lunch bags

____ Wipe down kitchen counters


____ Pack/refresh work bags

____ Pack/refresh gym bags


____ Lay out clothes for next day

____ Tidy the night table

____ Create tomorrow's To Do list


____ Evening grooming

____ Wipe down sink


Extra credit tasks are for days when you have either extra time, or extra energy.

____ Choose one room and declutter for 10 minutes

____ Respond to 5 more personal emails

____ Tackle a 30 Minute organizing Project

____ Make it a laundry day

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