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Get Your Closet Organized

Your house is full of closets and closet space. Let's work together to maximize the space in even the smallest nooks and crannies in your home. We'll cover clothes closets, bedroom closets, linen closets, hall closets and more.
  1. Accessories Organization (14)
  2. Bedroom Closet (3)
  3. Clothes Closets (4)
  4. Clothes Organization & Storage (13)
  5. Get Your Closet Storage Organized (21)
  6. Get your Small Closet Organized (6)
  7. Linen Closets (7)

The Complete Guide To Closet Organization
The guide to absolutely everything you need to know to organize your closet quickly and efficiently.

Closet Organization Toolkit
Everything you need to know to quickly and efficiently organize your closet.

How Mariette Mifflin Organizes Her Closet
Learn how About.com's Guide to housewares and appliances organizes her closet.

The Best Clothes Storage Products
Learn about the very best clothes storage products.

How I Organize my Closet with Katherine Blocksdorf
How a writer and horse expert keeps her closet organized.

Elfa Closet System
All about the elfa closet system and the many customization options available.

How I Organize My Closet with Mary Marlowe Leverette
How a laundry and fabric care expert organizes her closet and keeps it organized.

How I Organize My Closet with Lauren Flanagan
How an interior designer organizes her closet.

How I Organize my Closet with Elizabeth Weintraub
How a real estate agent organizes her closet

Spring Clean the Closet - 5 Tips to Spring Clean the Closet
Spring cleaning your closet is much easier when you follow my 5 steps to get it done quickly and painlessly.

3 Reasons to Organize the Closet
Save time, save money, and alleviate stress by organizing your closet.

How Jenni Poulous Organizes Her Closet
Read all about how Bravo's Jenni Pulos organizes her closet.

How to De-clutter the Closet in 30 Minutes
Learn how to declutter the closet in 30 minutes including pants, shoes, belts, sweaters, shirts and all your assorted accessories.

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