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When I interview people about How I Organize My Closet, I especially love when very successful people admit they just can't keep up with their closets. It's a relief to hear that while running a successful business and building a career, their closets still terrify them.

This is because, I think, there's just so many elements to keep track of in a closet: accessories, shoes, sweaters, jeans, business suits. You're stuffing several different aspects of your life into one (often) tiny space. So sit back, relax, and read about how other people are tackling their closet. PS: If you'd like to be interviewed, you can fill out the form here: How I Organize My Closet.

How I Organize My Closet with Jenni Pulos

Jenni Pulos
Photo / Jenni Pulos
Jenni Pulos is a rapper, actress and is best known as Jeff Lewis's adorable, effective sidekick/executive assistant on Bravo TV's "Flipping Out." A few highlights from Jenni:
  • Likes to hang onto her clothing for as long as possible
  • Sorts by how often worn
  • Occasionally allows a wire dry cleaner hanger to slip into her closet.
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How I Organize My Closet with Elizabeth Weintraub

Elizabeth Weintraub
Photo / About.com
Elizabeth Weintraub is real estate agent, writer, and About.com's expert on Home Buying & Selling. A few highlights from Elizabeth:
  • Cleans her closet twice a year in the spring and fall
  • Sorts clothes: pants and skirts, tops and jackets.
  • Uses use plastic hangers with little notches for straps
  • Her decluttering philosophy: "If I can't remember the last time I wore it, out it goes."
Read her full interview: How Elizabeth Weintraub Keeps Her Closet Organized.

How I Organize My Closet with Katherine Blocksdorf

Katherine Blocksdorf
Photo / About.com
Kathy Blocksdorf is a writer and horse owner. She was raised at her family's training and boarding facility, where she met horses with a wide range of needs and problems. She is About.com's expert on Horses. A few highlights from Katherine:
  • Uses a big round rack from a department store in lieu of a traditional closet
  • Groups items by type: pants, shirts, tops
  • Does not own anything that requires dry cleaning
  • Her dream closet would have shelves for boot storage and a full-length mirror
Read her full interview: How Katherine Blocksdorf Keeps Her Closet Organized.

How I Organize My Closet with Lauren Flanagan

Lauren Flanagan
Photo / About.com
Lauren Flanagan is a freelance writer, prop stylist and project manager with over 10 years experience in the home decor industry. She is an expert in interior design and prop styling. You can read her blog Lauren Flanagan. A few highlights from Lauren:
  • Keeps a bag for Goodwill nearby to delcutter
  • Sorts clothes by type
  • Uses plastic hangers shoe stole from her mom's house (and has resolved to buy some of her own)
  • Her dream closet is an entire dressing room (mine too, Lauren!)
Read her full interview: How Lauren Flanagan Keeps Her Closet Organized.

How I Organize My Closet with Mariette Mifflin

Mariette Mifflin
Photo / About.com
Mariette Mifflin is a freelance writer, and About.com's expert to Housewares. A few highlights from Mariette:
  • Organizes her closet when it needs it, not on a regular schedule
  • Uses a DIY closet organizer
  • Heavy plastic hangers serve two purposes: the traditional one, and also used to hand dry clothes
  • Her dream closet has an accessory console (great idea!) and a sections for seasonal wardrobe items
Read her full interview: How Mariette Mifflin Keeps Her Closet Organized.

How I Organize My Closet with Mary Marlowe Leverette

Mary Marlowe Leverette
Photo / About.com
Mary Marlowe Leverette has been doing laundry since she was five and will guide you through stain removal, dry cleaning and ways to keep your clothing and linens looking their best. She is About.com's expert to laundry. You can follow her on her blog. A few highlights from Mary:
  • Does a full closet re-organization and deep cleaning twice a year
  • Organizes by type: slacks, shirts, blazers, and then by color
  • Advises to remove dry cleaning from the wire hanger and plastic bag
  • All of her clothes are donated to charity
  • Currently has her dream closet with plenty of hanging space and high shelves for storage, and extra lighting
Read her full interview: How Mary Marlowe Leverette Keeps the Closet Organized.

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