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How to Plan Small Closet Organization + Storage

The Basics to Organizing a Small Closet


Just because you have a small closet, doesn't mean you should develop a bad case of closet envy. The truth is most people have small closets--even people with very large closets often feel they have a small closet. Any space can feel smaller if it's not organized properly, and closets particularly can feel cramped no matter what the dimensions were before they were stuffed full of clothes, shoes, handbags, scarves and all manner of clutter. In this guide to Small Closets, you'll learn:

The keys to small closet organization and storage, including:

  1. How to rid the closet of clutter;
  2. Which closet organizers work best for a small closet; and,
  3. How to maximize storage space.

1. Create more room by decluttering your small closet.

Blueprint Magazine Closet Organization
Photo / Blueprint Magazine

The first step to organizing any area is decluttering it, and this is even more paramount in a small closet. Learn how to say goodbye to clothes you no longer love, how to sweep your closet in 30 minutes a week, and how to declutter the bedroom so nothing extra ends up in your closet to "get it out of the way."

Learn How to Declutter the Closet:

2. Keep your small closet organized.

Emily Schuman's Walk In CLoset Part 1
Photo / Emily Schuman
No matter how small or large your closet space is, the same priciples apply: asses, delcutter (which you've already done-score!), sort and inventory clothes, plan storage solutions (more on that in the next step), and finally, plan to maintain your small closet organization.
  1. How To Organize Your Closet
  2. How to Clean Out & Declutter the Closet
  3. How to Sort & Inventory Clothes
  4. How to Plan and Purchase Storage Solutions
  5. How to Maintain Closet Organization

3. Organize your shoe collection either in or out of your small closet.

Petra Bindel via desire to inspire
Shoes and boots contribute to small closet disorganization just as much if not more so than clothes. A shoe collection can easily become unwieldily if it is not stored correctly. After years of struggling with shoe organization and storage, I opted to move my collection out of my closet all together.


OrganizeYour Shoes

  1. How to Organize Your Shoes & Boots
  2. How to Declutter Your Shoes & Boots
  3. How to Plan Shoe & Boot Storage Solutions
  4. How to Maintain Shoe & Boot Organization

Store Your Shoes

4. Maximize storage space in your small closet.

Neu Home Chrome Shelf Dividers
Photo/ Neu Home Chrome Shelf Dividers
Maximizing storage space is where the rubber hits the road in small closet organization. After you've decluttered, you've got to make sure your utilizing every last nook and cranny to store the clothing, accessories and shoes that made the cut.

Small Closet Storage Resources:

5. Maintain organization in your small closet.

Elfa Closet with Adjustable Drawers
Photo / Container Store
There are four key steps to maintaining order and calm in your small closet, and if you are a regular reader of mine, hey are going to sound pretty familiar:
  1. Keep a donation box or bag in your closet so you can collection clothes for donation regularly.
  2. Do a weekly or twice-weekly (Tuesday and Sunday) clutter sweep by following the Weekly Organizing Routine.
  3. Purge your closet seasonally of no-longer worn items by following the guide: 6 Signs It's Time to Donate Clothes.
  4. Have a donation center in mind when you declutter your closet. I think you'll find it's easer to let go of clothing, shoes and accessories if you know they will be benefiting a good cause.

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