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Kent Bookcase from Pottery Barn

Kent Bookcase from Pottery Barn

Photo / Kent Bookcase from Pottery Barn
These step-by-step How-To guides will help you organize your bedroom, keeping it a calm, serene sanctuary. These How-Tos are designed to help you clear clutter and keep your clothes in check so they remain neatly in your dresser and closet, and not all over the bedroom floor.

Clutter How Tos

  1. How to Know What is Clutter?
  2. How to Declutter your Home in 30 Minutes a Day
  3. How to Spot Aspirational Clutter
  4. How to Let Go of Clutter
  5. How to Clear Clutter
  6. How to Declutter Your Home Room-by-Room
  7. How to Spot the Top 10 Sources of Clutter
  8. How to Organize Cable Clutter
  9. How to Stop Hoarding Clutter
  10. How Cut Clutter with a 30 Minute Organizing Project
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