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How to Declutter Your Home in 30 Minutes a Day


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How to Declutter the Bedroom in 30 Minutes a Week
Declutter your bedroom in 30 minutes

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You will dress, sleep and wake up more peacefully when you're not surrounded by clutter.
  1. Grab a basket or bin and toss anything in that is out of place. Look for errant socks and things that really belong in the bathroom or the kitchen.
  2. Return everything in that bin that belongs in your bedroom to it's proper place.

  3. Head to the closet and concentrate first on hanging clothes and ensure that similar items are hung together (pants with pants, button-down shirt with button-down shirts - you get the idea). Move hanging pieces until everything is hung together the way you like it. For instance, if you want to have everything color-coded keep going until all of your navy blues are lined up.

  4. Then start on the folded clothes in your closet like sweaters and long-sleeve shirts. There's no need to re-fold everything (unless it's a total disaster in there) just straighten the stacks. If you continually notice your neatly folded stacks of sweaters and moving out of place, consider some shelf dividers.

  5. Next, spend 5-10 minutes picking out your clothes for the next 3 days. I promise, this will make your life infinitely easier! Hang the next day's outfit up on a valet hook. This process will save you about 30 minutes over the next 3 mornings while only taking your 5-10 right now, since you're already in your closet and have just touched and eyed the majority of your wardrobe

  6. Since you're already in your bedroom, you may as well straighten up your night table for 2 minutes. Move reading materials, jewelry and glasses back to their homes.

  7. Finally, take that bin and return everything in it that belongs outside the bedroom and return it to its proper storage space.

Declutter Your Home
We'll go room-by-room through your home to declutter your space.

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