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How to Declutter Your Home in 30 Minutes a Day


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How to Declutter the Kitchen in 30 Minutes a Week
Declutter the kitchen in 30 minutes a week

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Cooking, meal planning and eating will be much less stressful when your kitchen is clutter-free.

  1. Walk around with a small bin and put everything that belongs outside of your kitchen into the bin. TIP: Most of the items that wandered out of their storage spaces probably ended up on your counter top.
  2. Do a sweep of your counter tops, the kitchen table, and the island and put everything back into place. TIP: Is there an item that keeps ending up in the wrong spot? Try finding a more convenient storage space of for it. For example, I love to corral cooking utensils in jars, and cookbooks on lone shelf next to the oven.

  3. Put any appliances back into their proper storage spaces and neatly wrap their cords. TIP: If an appliance keeps ending up on your counter top, consider moving it permanently to an easier-to-reach spot in your kitchen cabinets or onto the counter top itself.

  4. Straighten each shelf in your refrigerator, purging old food and moving vegetables and fruits back into their proper bins. Make sure items are on the shelves by height to maximize storage space.

  5. Next, straighten the shelves in your kitchen cabinets and pantry by ensuring all of your jars and bottles are facing front and stacked neatly.

  6. Finally, grab that bin and return everything that belongs outside the kitchen back to it's home.

I like to combine kitchen decluttering with meal planning and if you are so inclined, take inventory of your foodstuffs while you straighten and re-arrange. Two birds, one stone.

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