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How to Declutter Your Home Room by Room

Declutter Your Home Room-by-Room


My declutter guide will take you through your home and office room-by-room with tips and tricks to declutter your home quickly and efficiently. This Declutter Guide offers:

  • Step-by-step instructions for delcuttering every room in your home;
  • How to get rid of general housegold clutter;
  • The reason you might have clutter;
  • How to delcutter by learning to let go; and
  • Tips to declutter your space.

How to Declutter Bathrooms

How to Declutter Bathrooms
Photo / Pottery Barn

You wouldn't think a relatively small space like your bathroom would be a breeding ground for clutter, but it often is. The main key for keeping bathroom clutter in check is to inventory your items regularly.


How to Declutter Bedrooms

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Decluttering your bedroom will go along way in helping you breeze through you morning routine, and may help you relax with greater ease on the other end of the day.

How to Declutter Closets

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Ready to control the clutter in your closet? Here's a comprehensive list of quick and easy ideas to organize your closet. Set the timer for 10 and go!

How to Declutter Your Closet

How to Declutter Computers, Offices & Workspaces

James Baigrie / Getty Images

Clutter control doesn't just apply to rooms. Your computer may be teeming with clutter like old files you no longer need. Here are great ways to spend 10 minutes or less organizing your computer.

Declutter Guide: Computers

How to Declutter Entryways

Darby Entryway Bench from Pottery Barn
Photo / Pottery Barn

Decluttering your home's main entryway is a task that needs to be tackled weekly if not daily. Here is a guide to declutter this high-traffic area in 30 minutes a week.

How to Declutter the Entryway in 30 Minutes a Week

How to Declutter General Household Clutter

Some tasks affect the whole house, and sometimes I find I'm more effective walking from room-to-room decluttering rather than being bogged down in one small area. The Household Decluttering Guide is a reference sheet for those occasions.

How to Declutter

How to Declutter Kitchens

These are the quick and easy little projects you can complete while waiting for that pot to boil, including organizing appliances and Tupperware quickly and efficiently, bagging up snacks, and establishing a recycling center. 

How to Declutter Living Rooms

Declutter your living room.
Steve Cole / Getty Images

Living room s are for relaxing which is why it's important to keep these spaces as clear of clutter

How to Declutter the Living Room

How to Declutter Paper + Mail

Using Fellowes P-12C Cross-Cut Shredder
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Learn how to manage paper clutter like magazines and newspapers, sort and process mail quickly and painlessly and how to set up a home filing system.

How to Declutter Mail & Paper in 30 Minutes a week

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