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10 Tips for a Better Daily Routine

Establish a Better Daily Routine


We've talked extensively about how establishing a solid, workable daily routine can help you get more done.  Now let's put one into practice with these ten ways you can instantly improve your daily routine from getting dressed more quickly in the morning to fitting in exercise.

1. Get dressed more quickly in the morning.

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Lay out your work and work-out clothes the night before. This is much easier when you have organized closets and bureaus. How to Organize Your Closet.

2. Make breakfast easier.

Quick to prepare, quick to clean up, and can be made to-go, I recommend the following from our Busy Cooks Guide: Related: Get Started with Meal Planning & Grocery Shopping | How to Meal Plan | How to Meal Plan Healthfully | 10 Tips to Meal Plan | Organize Your Weekly Shopping List

3. Harness your most productive hours.

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You've got to be ready to harness your creative energy when it strikes and that may mean shifting your work hours, or figuring out a way to capture your best thoughts on-the-go. 
  • If you’re at your desk during those times, limit distractions: don’t schedule meetings, answer the phone, log onto Facebook, or check email. 
  • If you can’t be at your desk during those times, carry a small notebook with you to jot down notes and ideas, or tape yourself with your smart phone. 

4. Declutter your home regularly.

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Martha Stewart Living Magazine
Establishing a weekly routine to declutter your home will cut down on stress and in-grain decluttering as a habit. I just happen to have already created two routines you can use to keep your home clutter-free and organized:


5. Organize your kitchen pantry and cabinets.

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Organizing your kitchen cabinets will streamline meal preparation, and will cut down on the amount of times the words, “Mom, where does this go?” will be heard in your kitchen. Win-win.


6. Have a good mail management system.

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I used to dread dealing with mail and now I secretly, sort-of enjoy the process because I shred and recycle so much of it. How to Manage Mail

7. Streamline your morning and evening grooming routines.

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I’ve been reading Allure magazine for years and I think if I followed every piece of advice I’d be applying potions and creams for about 60 minutes before bed at night and prior to my morning make up application. There is a simpler way:


8. Follow a checklist.

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I'm a huge fan of checklists, mostly because I enjoy crossing things off my To Do list. So satisfying. Daily Routine Checklist.

9. Prioritize exercise.

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Exercise is practically a fountain of youth and should be highly prioritized in your schedule. Here are several ways to work exercise into your daily routine from our Exercise Expert.

10. Get your pets on a schedule.

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