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Get Your Garage Organized

Garage organization is all about finding the right storage solutions to fit the myriad of toys, tools and sporting equipment you keep in your garage.

How to Organize a Garage in 5 Steps
In this How to Organize Your Garage guide, we will work through the 5 steps of organizing and maintaining a clean garage.

Guide garage storage including how to organize a garage, plan garage storage...
Guide garage storage including how to organize a garage, plan garage storage and the right garage storage solutions to choose.

How to Create More Garage Space
Garage storage takes planning because of the multitude of different types of items you may be storage in one space.

How to Choose and Install Garage Systems
Garage systems include shelving, grids, cabinets and accessories to organize your garage and store the items you use in that space.

Four Different Kinds of Shelving for Your Garage
There are several different types of shelving available for garages, from budget-friendly to ultra-expensive. We'll show you different types of shelving and ideas on how to utilize this storage space.

Tool Organizers
Learn 18 different ways to organize your tools - from crafting tools to automotive.

Overhead Storage
The best ways to use overhead storage in the kitchen, basement, attic, and the garage.

Cabinets For the Garage
Garage cabinets to store cleaning supplies, oils and small tools are a necessity. Here are some great options from least to most expensive.

3 Space-Saving Bike Storage Solutions
Mount your bikes on the wall or ceiling of your garage of shed for extra storage space savings.

Garage Boot Tray
Rather than track mus, snow and rain into your home, why not install a boot tray in your garage?

How to Organize Tools
Organize your tools so they make sense for both your workspace and how you often you tackle projects.

5 Pro Tips for Garage Storage
I talked to three professional organizers on how to best use your garage for storage.

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