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3 Space-Saving Bike Storage Solutions

Bike Storage Solutions


Bike storage soars to new heights with these wall and ceiling mounted storage systems. Don't let your bikes pile up in the yard when you can easily hang them out of the way for extra space savings in your garage or shed.

1. Wall Bike Mount

Bike Wall Mount
Photo / The Container Store
The Leonardo Single Bike Rack shields your wall from tire tracks while storing a single bike. Buy one for each bike and line them up to store your bike collection neatly and symmetrically.

2. Bike Hook

Bike Hook
Photo / The Container Store
A bike hook is a great space-saving option if you rather not purchase and install an entire bike rack. This hook holds up to 30 pounds.

3. Ceiling Mount Bike Rack

Ceiling Bike Rack
Photo / The Container Store
This ceiling mounted bike rack racked up (pun intended) 5-star reviews on the Container Store website. Customers found it space-saving and easy to install.

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