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4 Different Types of Garage Shelving

Four Different Kinds of Shelving for Your Garage


Four different kinds of flexible, functional garage shelving is the best option for garage storage. Below we've cataloged several types, starting with the least expensive and ending with the "luxury" shelving units.

1. Elfa Utility Garage Storage

Plantinum elfa gragae storage shelving
Photo / The Container Store
Flexible Elfa systems are known for sturdiness, durability and good looks. This utility shelving is perfect for those with a big budget.



  • Unless you have a very tricky space, save money and install the system yourself.
  • Make sure to measure the items and plan the space before installation.

2. Overhead Garage Storage

Shelf Hangers Overhead Ceiling Mount Storage Unit
Photo / Amazon

Overhead storage is a budget-friendly and logical storage option for garages. Most garage spaces have high ceilings and after the car is parked, very little floor space.

Product Dimensions:

  • Up to 1,400 lbs capacity
  • Accommodates 24" wide plywood or melamine

3. Ceiling Mount Shelving

Wall Mounted Garage Shelving
Photo / Amazon
Less pricey than the Elfa shelving, this shelving unit comes in 12" or 16" versions depending on how much space you have in your garage.

4. Wall Mount Shelving

Wall Mount Garage Shelves
Photo / The Shelving Store

This shelving system mounts on the wall as opposed to the ceiling. This is great because the shelving is adjustable and can be moved to accommodate whatever you happen to be storing. Dimensions are 16 x 64w x 90h.


  • Make sure you place the things you use most often are in your prime real estate(between you shoulders and knees).

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