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5 Best Garage Storage Solutions

Overhead, tools, and sporting equipment storage solutions for your garage.


Garage storage solutions for every corner of your garage: the ceiling to the entry way to into your home. These are the 5 best garage storage solutions.

1. Bike Storage

Bike Wall Mount
Photo / The Container Store
Bike storage soars to new heights with these wall and ceiling mounted storage systems. Don't let your bikes pile up in the yard when you can easily hang them out of the way for extra space savings in your garage or shed.

2. Garage Cabinets

Gladiator GarageWorks Wall GearBox
Photo / Amazon
Garage cabinets are a necessity to store items like cleaning supplies, oils and small tools. Here are some great options from least to most expensive.

3. Garage Shelving

Elfa Garage Utility Shelving
Photo / The Container Store
Flexible, functional garage shelving is the best option for garage storage. We've cataloged several types, starting with the least expensive and ending with the "luxury" shelving units.

4. Garage Systems

Gladiator Cadet Garage Storage System Set
Photo / Gladiator

Garage systems include shelving, grids, and wall-mounted cabinets to contain the tools, sports equipments and countless odds and ends people store in their garage.


  1. Organize Your Garage: it's important to know how much 'stuff' you are storing before choosing, purchasing and installing a garage storage system.
  2. Plan Garage Storage: How much space do you really have? Can you re-purpose an old cabinet for the job? 
  3. Purchase A Garage Storage System: Set a budget, compare prices and install your new system.

5. Overhead Storage

MonsterRAX Overhead Garage Storage Rack
Photo / MonsterRAX

Top picks for overhead storage that can be used in several different rooms in your home -- kitchens, attics, basements and the garage.

  • Make sure you don't store large heavy boxes in overhead storage.
  • Use small, clear containers (see: Plastic Storage Containers) and make sure you can lift individual container comfortably.
  • Label your storage containers for additional ease of use.

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