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Home Storage Solutions For Everything in Your House

Maximize storage spaces in your home.


Home storage solutions will vary depending on the room, the size of the space you have, and the type of items you are looking to store.

This guide goes through your home room-by-room and shows you the best storage solutions and how to choose the right one for your home.

5 Rules about Storage Solutions

Wall Mounted Coat Rack from Pottery Barn
Photo / Pottery Barn
  1. Square containers are always a better option because they maximize space well. Round containers are giving up a few inches on each side and will never fit flush against a wall.
  2. Don’t skimp on plastic storage containers. If you’re just storing clothes in a closet, you can get the basic containers, but if you’re storing them in a area where they will be exposed to the elements or changes in temperature spring for the better-made versions that snoop and nest together.
  3. Look for nesters, and by nesters I mean, containers that best together by stacking.
  4. Don’t buy in sets. Sets tend to have one container of each size. That’s great, unless you keep the same amount of
  5. It's always best to locate a storage space *before* you start boxing something up for storage. Working backwards will save you time and headaches. I explain this concept more in-depth in Where to Begin Organizing Your Home.

Bathroom and Linen Storage Solutions

Silver Mesh Vanity Organizer by Design Ideas
Photo / Design Ideas
Linen Closet and bathroom storage is about finding ways to corral clutter and keep things as neat and tidy as possible to offer you a morning "launch pad" to get ready for the day, and a relaxing environment to get ready for bed in the evening. Linen Closet & Bathroom Storage Solutions:

Closet Storage Solutions

Photo / Martha Stewart Omnimedia

Closet storage solutions are key to creating more useable space in a closet. Think of all the dead areas that could be made more useful with the following: hangers, Shelf dividers, double hangs, valet hooks, and plastic storage containers. Closet Storage:

Garage Storage Solutions

Gladiator Cadet Garage Storage System Set
Photo / Gladiator

Make the best use of your garage space by organizing in zones and utilizing the walls and overhead storage. I've listed my favorite picks including options for:

  • Bike storage
  • Shelving
  • Cabinets
  • Overhead storage

For more on garage organization try these resources:

  1. Organize Your Garage: it's important to know how much 'stuff' you are storing before choosing, purchasing and installing a garage storage system.
  2. Plan Garage Storage: How much space do you really have? Can you re-purpose an old cabinet for the job?
  3. Purchase A Garage Storage System: Set a budget, compare prices and install your new system.

Here are my picks for the best Garage Storage Solutions.

Mail & Paper Storage Solutions

The first steps in finding storage solutions for paper work is to pare down your piles of paper as mush as possible. Then, a simple filing cabinet or plastic file box with hanging file folders is the best way to go.

Overhead Storage Solutions

MonsterRAX Overhead Garage Storage Rack
Photo / MonsterRAX

If you have the space, this may be the most useful kind of storage solution because it capitalizes on what would be a "dead" space. Look to install overhead storage in the following areas:

  • Attics
  • Basements
  • Kitchens (pot racks are a great example of overhead storage)
  • Garages

Here are my picks for the best Overhead Storage Solutions.

Shoe Storage Solutions

Petra Bindel via desire to inspire

Solutions to store your shoes and boots. Helping your store you shoes via:

shoe racks, shoe boxes, shoe shelves, and shoe closets.

You can mix and match based on the sizes of your storage space and your shoe collection.

Here are my picks for best Shoe Storage Solutions.

How to Store & Organize Shoes:

Small Closet Storage Solutions

Galvanized Cubes the Container Store
Photo / Container Store

Here's a hint: These storage solutions are just for use in a small closet. CLosets of any size and shape can always benefit by maximizing storage. Keys points are to make sure you are utilizing the floor, closet door and top-of-the-closet with items like: closet door shoe racks, cubbies and cubes, and hangers and hooks.

Small Closet Organization & Storage Solutions:

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