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Be Organized in January
Be Organized in January

"January" by Little Brown Pen from their Paris Calendar available at Etsy.

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Learn how to be organized in January. 

January Home Organization Projects: 
January is closet organization month, and for many of you, that will likely mean more than one closet. The steps are simple: declutter, organize like with like, store and then donate.

Figure out what you should be storing in the basement and attic, and what you shouldn’t

Get started with goal setting

Get your closet organized

Create a personalized daily routine to suit your daily schedule

Be Organized in January Checklist

____ Organize the closet.

____ Donate clothes for your closet purging. (See: Where to Donate Clothes)

____ Relax! Take to recharge and recover from the December holidays.

____ Set goals for year.

____ Transfer important dates from last year's calendar to a new one. Better yet, move them to an online calendar that will replicate them each year.

____ Start planning any Spring travel. (See: Stay-Organized Travel Tips)

____ Schedule yearly doctor, veterinary and accountant appointments.

January Gifts to Buy/Cards to Send

  • Anniversaries
  • Birthdays

January Sales Guide

  • Closet organizers (like Rubbermaid, ClosetMaid and Elfa), shelving and accessories go on sale in January. (See: Guide to Closet Organizers)
  • Organization products, holiday decor, and winter clothes are all on sale in January.
  • This is an excellent time to join a gym (See: How to: Buy a gym membership)
  • Try scoring a last-minute Caribbean travel deal for the MLK Jr 3-day weekend (U.S.)

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