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Get Organized in November
November 2011

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I actually really enjoy November because it's often gray skies and wintry weather give me a good excuse to just stay indoors and concentrate on my home before the onslaught of the holidays. This is why I save kitchen organization for November: before Thanksgiving, there's not much going on outdoors except some football. This may be one of your most productive times of the year.

Home Organization Project: Kitchens & Entryway & Holidays
It's probably been since July since we completed a major kitchen overhaul. Dive back in before the holidays to organize cabinets, pantries, appliances and then locate serving dishes and platters that may be needed during the holidays.

How to Get Started with Kitchen Organization

How to Get Started with Entryway Organization

Get Organized For the Holidays:

Get Organized in November Checklist

___ Thanksgiving is the perfect time to send holiday cards. December tends to get super busy so think about sending your family holiday cards out in time for Thanksgiving and cross it off your list for December. See: 5 Quick Reasons to Send Holiday Cards and How to Organize Your Holiday Cards in 4 Simple Steps.

___ If you haven't already, get your winter clothes out of storage.

___ Set up a system for storing cold-weather gear like hats, mittens and scarves in your entry way for every day use.

___ If you're traveling in December, it's time to confirm your travel plans. See: Guide to Travel and Travel Itinerary Checklist.

Looking Ahead

  • What are you doing on New Year's Eve?
  • If you're taking a vacation this winter, now's the time to start researching.

Gifts to Buy / Cards to Send

  • Anniversaries
  • Birthdays
  • Thanksgiving

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