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How to Be Organized

Fast Ways to be Organized and More Productive in Your Spaces, Home & Life


How to be organized is a big question, but after years of writing about, researching and studying organizing and productivity,, I can tell you the quickest ways to increase your organization, both at home and in the office.

If you're not sure where to begin, follow the guides below to help you be more organized.

How to Be More Organized Room-by-Room

Ellen Pompeo's Kitchen in Elle Decor
Photo / Elle Decor

Learn how to be organized in every room of your home, and start with the big ones first: entryway, kitchen and clothes closet.

Room-by-room guides to be more organized:

Quick Tips to Be Organized

Daily System from Pottery Barn
Photo / Pottery Barn

Quick tips to be organized you may have overlooked, like corralling batteries and light bulbs into the same storage space, and organizing project bins for gift wrapping and outdoor dining.

Quick Tips to Be Organized

How to Be Be Organized... in 30 Minutes

Desktop Organizer from the Container Store
Photo / Container Store

30 minute organizing projects are the perfect projects to tackle on a weeknight after a long day of work. You;ll feel a real sense of accomplishment when you get a junk drawer organized or when you finally untangle the mess of cords behind your entertainment center.

Be Organized in 30 Minutes

How to Be Organized... in 10 Minutes

You can really accomplish a lot in the amount of time it takes a pot to boil or waiting in the dentist's office. Harness that downtime with 10 minute organizing projects, organized by room.

Be Organized in 10 Minutes

How to Be More Organized... Daily

Start small and focus on your daily routine to be more organized. Daily routines are powerful and can help you be more productive, get more sleep, get more done, feel less stressed, and even lose weight and exercise more. Yes, they are almost magic.

Be More Organized Daily

How to Be More Organized... Weekly

Platinum Elfa Storage from the Container Store
Photo Platinum Elfa Storage / Container Store

By committing to decluttering a different room in your home everyday, you'll cut way down on the time you have to spend doing a big organization of that room. Clutter causes a lot of stress and ends up coasting us money in the end. Focusing on one room a day really allows you to stay on top of clutter and keep it at bay.

Organized Weekly

Ho to Be More Organized... Month by Month

I like to tackle on home project a month, so I created a schedule for myself. This way I'm not worrying about when I'll get ot the kitchen, bathroom or closet. They each have a month (or sometimes two) so I can focus on the project rather than "when I'll get to it."

Be Organized Month by Month Calendar

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