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Organizing Guides For Your Home, Office and Life


In this Guide you will learn, literally, How to Organize, which includes the following: decluttering, sorting and storing your items, and then learning to maintain your organization through routines, productivity and time management techniques. If this sounds intimidating, it’s not. I have resources like step-by-step How To guides, product suggestions, and lots of explanations, strategies and personal anecdotes to help you along the way.

How to Organize Anything

Daily System from Pottery Barn
Photo / Pottery Barn
No matter how large or small, complicated or simple, at home or the office, you can apply these 5 steps to literally anything you want to organize.
  1. Decide what to organize, and commit to organizing it
  2. Declutter the space
  3. Sort, grouping like items with like items
  4. Create spaces for everything
  5. Maintain your new organization
Professional organizer Lisa Zaslow shares her no-fail tips for getting things organized: How to Organize Anything

Room-by-Room How Tos

Cynthia Chiffonier from Pottery Barn
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This A-Z checklist goes through each room in your home with how to guides like How to Spring Clean Your Closet and How to Organize Cable Clutter. Most How Tos will take you under 30 minutes. Some bigger projects, like How to organize Your Closet, will take a bit longer. Maybe a weekend morning or a whole day, depending on your energy level, the number of distractions, etc.

A-Z by Item + Space How Tos

Elfa Garage Utility Shelving
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This list of How Tos covers every room, item and space in your house in an A-Z list.

How to Be Organized

How to Organize a Move
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I wrote How to Be Organized, as less of a How To Guide and more of an action plan. These are the strategies you can implement right now that will allow you to be more organized and in control of your time and spaces.

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