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Bathroom How To Guides


Bathroom How To Guides: Everything your need to know
Classic Double-Sink Console from Pottery Barn

Classic Double-Sink Console from Pottery Barn

Photo / Pottery Barn
Bathrooms may be small, but they store a lot of items, get used several times and day, and tend to collect a lot of clutter. In these How-To guides you will learn how to systematically clean, declutter, organize, and maximize the storage in this space.

Bathroom How Tos

Bathroom Organizing + Declutteirng Projects
Before you clean, remodel, design or DIY anything in your bathroom, the first step is to declutter it, and then organize it. Here are some quick projects you can do right now to refresh this space.

10 Minute Bathroom Organization Projects
How to Organize the Bathroom in 10 Different Ways
How to Cut Bathroom Clutter
How to Declutter the Bathroom in 20 Minutes
How to Organize the Linen Closet

Bathroom Cleaning Projects
The second step to getting your bathroom in shape is to clean.

Clean a Sink Faucet
Clean a Bathtub
Clean a Sink
Really Do a Toilet Cleaning

Intense Bathroom Cleanup
Cleaning the Bathroom With Intensity

Spring Cleaning Your Medicine Cabinet

Bathroom Design Projects
Itching to upgrade your bathroom design? Here are several good projects to get youy started.

How to Stain Grout Budget Ideas for Decorating a Bathroom
Install Inexpensive Art in the Bathroom
How to Decorate a Small Bathroom
How to Take Esstential Mesasures for Bathroom Design
How to Decorate a Child's Bathroom
How to Makeover Your Bathroom on the Cheap

Bathroom DIY Projects
Are you crafty? The bathroom offers a lot of opportunity to get your DIY on. From making your own leaning products to steriling commonly-used items.

How to Make Hand Soap
How to Clean Your Toilet on the Cheap
How to Remove Mineral Deposits From a Showerhead
How to Sterilize a Toothbrush

Bathroom Feng Shui Projects
Bathrooms have a bad wrap in feng shui. Find out to improve your home overall feng shui by making a few changes in your bathroom.

How to Create Positive Febg Shui in the Bathroom
Feng Shui Bathroom in Center of Home
Bathroom in a Metal Feng Shui Element Area
Feng Shui of a Bathroom Over Your Main Door
Bathroom Over the Bedroom: Feng Shui Tips
Feng Shui Bathroom in Wealth

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