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18 Closet How-Tos


18 Closet How Tos Guides
Elfa Closet with Adjustable Drawers

Elfa Closet with Adjustable Drawers

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These step-by-step How-To guides will help you organize everything in your closet from jeans and sneakers to suits, handbags and shoes. We'll go over how to store and organize everything in your closet, including how to declutter this space.

Closet How Tos

  1. How To Organize Your Closet
  2. How to Clean Out & Declutter the Closet
  3. How to Sort & Inventory Clothes
  4. How to Plan and Purchase Storage Solutions
  5. How to Maintain Closet Organization
  6. How to Organize a Small Closet
  7. How to Create Space in a Small Closet
  8. How to Stop Hoarding Clothes
  9. How to Do a Weekly Closet Clutter Sweep
  10. How to Declutter the Entire Bedroom in 30 Minutes
  11. Where, How & When to Donate Clothing
  12. How to Find a Clothing Donation Center
  13. How to Maximize Storage Spaces
  14. How to Maximize Closet Floor Space
  15. How to Double Hanging Space
  16. How to Access Higher Storage Spaces in a Closet
  17. How to Choose the Right Hangers For Your Closet
  18. How to Utilize the Closet Door
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