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Home How To Guides for Every Room in Your Home

Go Room-by-Room Learning How to Organize, Declutter & Store Everything


Follow these home how to guides for every room in tour house with step-by-step instructions on how to:

  • Organize rooms and spaces in your home;
  • Hints on the best products to use; and,
  • Tips for completing tasks and projects as quickly and efficiently as possible.
Organized by room, you can pick and choose the different items or spaces you need to organize, and when you need to organize them.

Bathroom How Tos

Classic Double-Sink Console from Pottery Barn
Photo / Pottery Barn

So many little things to organize in the bathroom, maximize your time and effort by organizing the things that matter most: storage spaces and clutter.

Bathroom How-To Guides

Closet How Tos

Elfa Large Walk In Closet Ladies Almond
Photo / Container Store

Similarly, there are lots of different large and small items to organize in a closet: handbags, shoes, ties, jeans, blazers, belts, and the list could go on. Use these How Tos and take this challenging task one item, or one step-at-a-time.

Closet How-To Guides

Bedroom How Tos

[Photo © Bloomingdales]

In order to keep peace and serenity in the bedroom, it's important to keep clutter under control, and your clothes closet from spilling out from behind it's (hopefully) closed doors. These How To guides will take you through each element in your bedroom, especially focusing on clutter control.

Bedroom How-To Guides

Clutter How Tos

Gadget Wally Organizer by Kangaroom
Photo by Kangaroom

Attack clutter quickly and often using these How To guides that cover every space in your home. Pay particular attention to the clutter I like to call "aspirational clutter." This is the stuff you bought for the hobby you no longer engage in, or the expensive items you bought to impress others (or yourself) that you never use. These items are taking up space, so it's time to either put them to good use, or donate.

Clutter How-Tos

Entryway How Tos

Black Smith Coat Rack from Pottery Barn
Photo / Pottery Barn

The entryway (whether you have a grand foyer, hall closet, mudroom, or simply a console table and a bench), needs to be tackled and tamed as often as your schedule allows. This is because people tend to just drop everything as soon as they walk through the door. Having the right tools in place to catch and store items--including everyday items like keys, cell phones and mail--is essential.

Entryway How Tos

Financial How Tos

Ikea office storage
Ikea office storage

Let's be honest: getting your finances under control really isn't that exciting but once done, it will relieve a huge amount of stress and anxiety. Use these How Tos to organize and manage your finances, including which financial documents to shred, which to keep, where to store them, and how to organize bills. We'll go through each step methodically and painlessly.

Finances & Financial Documents How Tos

Garage How Tos

Gladiator Cadet Roller Cabinet
Photo / Gladiator

If you can no long fit your car into your garage, it's a sign it's time to organize this space. Organize your garage into zones and store things the right way using these How To guides.

Garage How Tos

Holiday How Tos

Container Store elfa Mesh Gift Wrap Cart White
Elfa Mesh Gift Wrap Cart White from Container Store

The holidays are stressful; start using these How Tos guides to get organized before the panic sets in! I like to being the process in early November, getting my holiday card list edited, cards chosen, decorations located and menu plans set. The earlier you start, the more time you have to enjoy the season.

Holidays How Tos

Kitchen How Tos

Kitchen How Tos to help you be more organized in the kitchen
photo / Pottery Barn

Since the kitchen is the most-trafficked area of the home (except, perhaps, for the foyer), use these How To guides to create some order out of chaos. We'll go through each element of your kitchen: cabinets, pantry, clutter, storage, etc.

Kitchen How Tos

Living Room How Tos

Organize Open Shelving
Photo / Style at Home

Keep the living room relaxing by following these How Tos for clearing clutter and using trays and bins to stores one-off items like remote controls, cords and cables, and we'll even organize your book collection.

Living Room How To

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