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Kitchen Pantry Storage Solutions


Kitchen Pantry Storage Solutions
Modular Canisters from the Container Store

Modular Canisters from the Container Store

Photo / Container Store

Before you install any kitchen pantry storage solutions, complete the following:

  • Triple measure the space.
  • Record the measurements as they are taken--people always think they will remember, but once you start looking at items you may confuse the sizes. Don't be a hero, record it on the spot.

My number one pick for pantry storage is roll-out storage which easily allows you to see the contents of each shelf. Here are the best options, as well as my other favorite pantry organizing tools (as pictured above, all from organizing super store Stacks and Stacks):

Pantry Storage Solutions: 

1. Extra Deep Wide Sliding Cabinet Organizer, $49.99
Perhaps the best investment you can make for your pantry is slide out (or "roll out" drawers). I like this extra deep model because it will fix stacks of mixing bowls, small appliances and even large ones like mixers and food processors, making them all much easier to retrieve.

2. OXO POP Storage Container -1.5 Qt Capacity, , $7.99-$15.99
These containers are BPA-free, stackable, dishwasher safe, and square, making them very space-conscious. I use these in my own pantry and highly, highly recommend them. They make a wonderful gift for a bridal registry or housewarming as well. 

3. iTouchless Bag Re-Sealer, $17.59
I rolled my eyes at this one until I thought of all the snack foods that go stale due to the bag not being sealed properly.

4. 5 Tier Steel Storage Tower in White, $179.00 + free shipping
For the chef who just doesn't have enough space, I love the industrial look of this kitchen shelving, which can easily be moved around your space to serve a variety of purposes: to store dishes, appliances, cookbooks, recipes, food canisters and more.

5. Bag-In Cereal and Snack Dispenser, $12.99 - set of two
I have to admit, I don't keep too much cereal around the house. As a carb addict, there's a very strong possibility I'd eat half the box in one sitting. However, these cereal boxes are a wonderful way to keep cereal fresh, and once again, the square shape makes these boxes very space-friendly. I will use these for grains like brown rice and quinoa, flour and other baking supplies, and small snacks like pretzels and nuts.

6. Spice Rack Set - 12 Bottles with Wall Rack, $26.00
Move your spices out of valuable shelf space and onto the inside of your pantry door with this spice rack.

7. Click Clack Cubes, $23.99 - set of three
Normally, I'm opposed to buy sets but these three right-sized cubes fit my top three food storage requirements: they clear so you can see what you're storing, they are squared-shaped which makes them more space-saving and they are budget-friendly.

Next step in the pantry organization process is to start grouping remaining items, like with like. I'll show you how: How to Maintain Pantry Organization

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