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An Organized Weekly Shopping List

How to Organize Your Shopping List


Black and White Kitchen

Black and White Kitchen

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You could also organize your weekly shopping list by store (grocery, high-end market, bulk store, drugstore) but I like to organize by type of product. Whatever works for you, do it. (See also: Tools to Organize Grocery Shopping)

I divide mine into the following categories based on the set up of the two groceries stores I regularly shop in (Stop and Shop and Whole Foods). I bet your grocery store is similar.

___ Produce

___ Meat

___ Fish

___ Grains

___ Dairy

___ Snacks

___ Spices

___ Staples

___ Frozen

Bathroom Supplies & Toiletries
While I am not a fan of buying in bulk, I do suggest you have 1 extra tube of toothpaste and bottle of shampoo on hand for emergencies.

___ Shampoo

___ Conditioner

___ Hair Gel/Oil/Mouse/Cream

___ Toothpaste

___ Mouthwash

___ Floss

___ Hand Soap

___ Shower gel

___ Facial moisturizer

___ Body moisturizer

___ Sunblock

___ Razors

___ Shaving Cream

Household Supplies
Buying in bulk is more acceptable here because you can store much of this in a basement of attic storage space. Just make sure they are labeled and that anything sensitive to climate (like laundry detergent) is kept at a normal room temperature.

___ Toilet paper

___ Paper towels

___ Tissues

___ Cleaning supplies

___ Laundry detergent

___ Lightbulbs

___ Batteries

Office Supplies
Things like staples, envelopes, glue and pencils.

___ Printer paper

___ Envelopes

___ Pens and pencils

___ Stamps

___ Greeting cards (birthdays, anniversaries, holidays)


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