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Tools to Make Grocery Shopping Easier


Tools to Make Grocery Shopping Easier
Grocery Shopping Tools

Grocery Shopping Tools

Collage / Elizabeth Larkin
The following are the tools I use in my own kitchen to stay organized when meal planning, list-making and grocery shopping.

1. Airtight Food Storage Container Set - 6 Piece by Lock & Lock, set of 6 for $10.49
I use these containers to freeze larger portions of soup, and or store leftovers. They are also very durable so a great option for meals-n-the-go. 

2. Reusable Bag by Envirosax in Almond, $8.95 
I carry this bag in my handbag so I have it on me at all times. You never know when you'll be passing the grocery store on your way home. 

3. The Handy Household Helper Organizer, $17.99
For storing coupons, kitchen tool warranties, and receipts.

4. Coupon Organizer - "Wordle" by Meadowsweet Kitchens,$10.49
This coupon organizer will fit in any handbag, and can be used not only coupons, but receipts and your grocery list. 

5. Good Grips® LockTop Container by OXO- Small Rectangle - 2.8 cups, $4.99
I prefer to store frozen foods and leftovers in single portions to make them grab-and-go. At 2.8 cups, these are perfect! They're also a great option for storing cooking stock in 2-cup or 2.5 cup portions. 

6. Clipboard by The Macbeth Collection, $41.49
Attach this eye-catching clipboard on your refrigerator and instruct family memebers to add thier additions to the weekly shopping list.

7. Small Accordion File by Semikolon (Pierre Belvedere) in Orange, $16.79
Anything I can buy in orange, I buy. No matter how small, a little bit of orange makes me happy, even if it's just a coupon/receipt holder. This one comes in a rainbow of bright, bold colors that make it easier to find in your handbag.

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