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Basic Dinner Recipes Everyone Can Prepare


10 Basic Dinner Recipes Everyone Can Prepare
Recipe Journal from Rag & Bone

Recipe Journal from Rag & Bone

Recipe Journal from Rag & Bone
Basic dinners are essential when meal planning because after you make them often enough, they become automatic. Having an arsenal of go-to dinners will give you a considerable boost in your kitchen confidence (something I am always struggling for), and in your quest for total kitchen organization.

Basic dinner recipes: 

1. Go-To Dinners
For the meal you have no problem coming home and orchestrating no matter how tired you are, pasta always seems to save the day. It's just so easy too boil some water, toss some veggies with oil and herbs, and wait only a few moments for a super-satisfying meal. I've featured the italian classic, Spaghetti Aglio e Olio, and a dish with an Asian flair for you to choose from; both will beat the delivery guy to the dinner table.

Go-To Dinners:

2. "Looks Impressive" Meals
Something that’s both impressive, and easy to prepare so you can entertain your guest (a date, your mother-in-law) while you wait for dinner.

Looks Impressive Meals:

3. Basic Lunches
Sick of the soup-salad combo? Want something a little more exciting than ham and cheese on whole wheat? In How to Meal Plan, I recommended bringing in dinner leftovers for lunch. You could also reverse that and have lunch for dinner. Bonus: both of these recipes will keep well in the fridge for 2-3 days.

Basic Lunch Meals:

4. Crock Pot Meal
A go-to crock pot meal that requires little to no work is a dinner essential. You can quite literally "set and forget" these as you prepare them in the morning and let them simmer all day long. Bonus: Your house will smell heavenly.

Crock Pot Meals:

5. Make-Ahead Meal
These are life-savers! Burritos, hearty soups and chilis always freeze well, and you can pull these out and defrost in the sink in room-temperature water on a moment's notice.

Make-Ahead Meals:

6. Salads That Keep For a Few Days
I like to have salad on hand at all times, so I've been experimenting with cabbage and kale since you can dress them and they'll last a few days longer than lettuce. You can also try grain salads which will last 3-4 days in the fridge and are a little heartier for lunch or dinner (Mark Bittman recommends them for breakfast!).

Hearty Salad Meals:

7. Sunday Dinner
Ah, roast chicken, pot roast, roast beef; these are the Sunday night supper meals that conjure up childhood memories of Grandma's house. The other bonus to there meals, is that they can be made one or two-pot for less clean up.

Sunday Dinner Meals:

8. Pantry Meals
With minimal ingredients and cooking times, these can be thrown together from your pantry when you don't have time to shop.

Pantry Meals:

9. Hearty Vegetarian Dishes
Meals to cook on meatless Mondays--although I'd eat these two any and every day of the week--vegetarian dinners tend to be healthier and better for your budget (meat being most expensive item in the grocery store).

Vegetarian Meals:

10. Versatile Sauces
A versatile sauce can turn a so-so batch of vegetables or an un-seasoned piece of chicken into a go-to meal. I use both of these sauces regularly by mixing a bath early in the week and then drizzling them on meals as needed.

Versatile Sauces:

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