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Get Started with Meal Planning & Grocery Shopping

Learn Meal Planning Basics


Meal planning is one of the organizing skills that has truly eluded me over the years. I finally decided to simplify using some of the expert tips below, and everything fell into place. I've saved money and time by committing to planning 2-3 dinners per week, and that makes me happy. You too can learn to meal plan more successfully whether you have a household of 1, 2 or 14. Here's how to get started with meal planning and grocery shopping. 

How to Meal Plan

Le Creuset Spinach 5Piece Cookware Set from Crate and Barrel
Photo / Le Creuset Spinach 5Piece Cookware Set from Crate and Barrel

This How-To Guide for meal planning helps you take the guesswork out of the question, “What’s for dinner?” I give you step-by-step instructions on how to choose recipes, make a list and grocery shop for your weekly meals.

How to Meal Plan

Meal Plan the Healthy Way

Black and White Kitchen
Photo / Delikatissen

I talked to a nutrition expert on how to keep your meals healthy. Here are her 6 best tips for healthier meal planning.

Meal Plan the Healthy Way

10 Tips to Better Meal Planning

Blackboard in Kitchen
Photo / Pinterest
I asked the experts how they plan their weekly meals, and now you can benefit for their tips like shopping online and keeping lists handy.

How to Grocery Shop

Modern Pink Kitchen
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Simplify your grocery shopping in 5 steps, by following the same grocery shopping routine every week. Once you get this down, this painful chore will become much easier.

7 Tools for Grocery Shopping & Meal Planning

Grocery Shopping Tools
Collage / Elizabeth Larkin
Grocery shopping and meal planning go hand-in-hand, and these 7 tools will help you move seamlessly from list-making to coupon clipping to meal planning to grocery shopping.

Weekly Shopping Checklist

I’ve put together a weekly shopping list for groceries and household essentials. You can mix and match to create your own.

Kitchen Organization Tips

Flowers in the Kitchen
Photo / La Dolce Vita
Some of the best kitchen, shopping and meal planning tips I've learned have come from readers. You can peruse other readers' tips and add your own.

Working Mom's Weekly Meal Plan

Food writer and working mom Raquel Pelzel shares her tips for meal planning, including her timeline for planning and shopping and a few of her favorite go-to recipes.

10 Go-To Meals to Master

Sesame Soba Noodles from Raquel Pelzel
Photo / Raquel Pelzel
I've curated a list of recipes for you to master in order to make weekly meal planning, grocery shopping and kitchen organization go a little more smoothly. Add these 10 go-to meals to your cooking repertoire to simplify your life.

Keep Your Recipes Organized

DIY Recipe Organizers
DIY Recipe Organizers by Elizabeth Larkin
One of the best ways to enhance your meal plan, is to have a very streamlined approach to recipe organization. That means having all of your recipes in one place, and potentially keeping a separate file for your go-to meals. Here are my picks for the best recipe organizers.

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