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My Top Picks in Recipe Organizers

10 Ways to Organize Recipes


How you organize recipes is actually pretty personal and will be quite varied from cook-to-cook. It all depends on how you work in the kitchen, how often you cook, and how improvisational you are.  And, of course, how large your recipe collection is. That's why I've selected 10 recipe organizers. 

Recipe organizers are a must-have in any kitchen. The ability to group and corral recipes into one spot will cut down on paper clutter in the kitchen, and help with grocery shopping and meal planning. Here are my picks for the best recipe organizers, from my own DIY system, to a fancy food journal. 

Basic Recipe Box

Basic recipe organizer box
Recipe Box, $9.99 USD

These boxes can be stacked or tucked into a small space near your kitchen work station, and I would label each one by grouping of recipes: main, side, dessert, or by main ingredient: beef, pork, dairy, etc.

Recipe Box

Chartreuse Dots Recipe Box from Paper Source

Chartreuse Dots Recipe Organizer Box from Paper Source
Chartreuse Dots Recipe Box from Paper Source

This box is so cute it can be displayed on the counter top and the size is perfect for a shower gift.

Chartreuse Dots Recipe Box

DIY Recipe Organizer

DIY Recipe Organizers
DIY Recipe Organizers by Elizabeth Larkin
Rather than re-write each recipe on an index or mini card, I decided to create a traditional-sized file box when I offered to organize my mom's recipe collection for her right before Thanksgiving. Here's what I did:
  1. I grouped her recipes (which were clipped from newspapers and magazines, gifted on notecards, or scrawled in her own writing on notebook paper)
  2. I created a file for each group: beef, grains, vegtables, desserts (I further broke down dessert by 'chocolate' and 'non chocolate', cookies, and cakes and pies), and gave each group it's own hanging file folder and labeled each one.
  3. I then hung the folders alphabetically in a clear plastic file box.
  4. I stored the box under a desk in the kitchen for easy access.

Recipe Cocktail Shaker

Recipe Cocktail Shaker
Recipe Cocktail Shakerfrom Stacks & Stacks

Why keep cocktail recipes around when you can use this two-fer: mix cocktails and use the recipe guidelines on the side. A great wedding, shower or housewarming gift.

Free Shipping. Brushed Stainless Steel 32 Oz. Recipe Cocktail Shaker by Kraftware, $47.99 USD

Recipe Journal from Rag & Bone

This one requires re-writing recipes into a journal--which can get a little bit fussy--but I do like the idea of keeping a food journal on your counter top.

Recipe Journal from Rag & Bone, $44.00 USD

Recipes Passions Journal by Moleskine

Moleskin fans will appreciate the stream-lined look fo this food and recipe journal. They can tuck it under their arm on the way to Whole Foods.

Passions Journal by Moleskine - Recipe, $19.95 USD

Rooster Recipe Box

Rooster Recipe Box
Rooster Recipe Box from Stacks and Stacks

For a country or wanna-be-country kitchen.

Rooster Recipe Box, $26.99 USD

Solid Page Recipe Book by CR Gibson

Another recipe book that can be displayed on the counter top, I think this one would inspire me to each more vegetables. And as Martha Stewart would say, it's a good thing.

Solid Page Recipe Book by CR Gibson, $22.95 USD

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