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How to Use the Storage Space Under Your Bed

How and What to Store Under the Bed


Feng shui will tell you to store nothing under your bed, but feng shui never had to lived in a Manhattan studio apartment with no room for a clothes bureau. A good compromise is to keep it completely neat and tidy at all times: no dust bunnies, no crinkled up pieces of paper or old gym clothes. In short: nothing without a specific storage space.

Under bed storage solutions

Measure the width and height of the space under your bed. I always recommend people triple measure and then write the measurements down on an index card that will easily fit into your wallet. This way you'll always have it with you when shopping. A few tips:
  • Don't just shove stuff under the bed, you've got to put things in containers. I like plastic, but you can also use canvas or even DIY yourself a wood bin on coasters.
  • Look for bins that are long, have wheels (or easily glide), and open at each side. This way no matter what end of the bed you're on you can easily retrieve items.
  • Since under bed storage doesn't have to be pretty, you can use all those old cardboard boxes you have waiting around for something to do. Remove the top flaps so you can easily pull them out and see the contents at-a-glance.
  • Similarly, you can use shoe boxes with the tops removed. Even better are larger boot boxes.

What to store under your bed

Household Essentials Set of 2 Natural Canvas Storage Box
Photo / Household Essentials
The great thing about under bed storage is that it's close by and convenient but it's out-of-sight so, as mentioned above, it doesn't have to be pretty or decor-friendly. Here are some things you should consider storing under your bed:
  • Out of season clothing. Due to your bed’s proximity to your clothes closet this seems like a no-brainer. Don’t try to store anything bulky, like sweaters or ski jackets.
  • Linens, also a no-brainer. Keep your extra set of sheets and pillow cases right under your bed.
  • Shoes. I like to store inyl a small collection of shoes in my closet and keep the rest in storage.

What to store under your children's beds

Infant's Closet in Birch & White
Infant's Closet in Birch & White from The Container Store
A few ideas for what to store under you child's bed:
  • Books! This way they are not grabbing books off a bookcase, but can slide them out from under the bed. Your little reader will be able to retrieve them and (maybe even) store them easily.
  • Out-of-season clothing.
  • Puzzles and games -- any toys that are flat or narrow.
Teenagers rooms will be set up more like an adult's: clothes, shoes, linens, etc.

What to store under the guest room bed

Grey Storage Cube
Photo / The Container Store

You can really get creative here since this room doubles as a storage space in most homes. Things to store under your guest room bed:

  • DVDs, games and CDs - these are perfectly sized for sliding under a bed.
  • Gift-wrap and cards.
  • Crafting products.
  • Once again, under bed storage is a great options for linens, especially your guest linens.

In short, as long as you keep it neat, you can really use the space under your bed to your advantage.

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