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Organize Your Hall Closet

Easy Tips to Control the Clutter


Organize Your Hall Closet

Before: A Disorganized Hall Closet.

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The hall closet can be a tricky place to get organized because typically this is a smaller area and it is used to accommodate all the seasons clothes, accessories and shoes.

The key to keeping this area organized is to clear out the clutter, maximize the space and utilize efficient storage options.

Clear Out the Clutter:
Any organizing project must begin with clearing out the clutter. This can easily be done by sorting through all the contents of your hall closet and eliminating items that you no longer use.

Maximize the Space:
In order to accommodate clothes, accessories and shoes in a hall closet, you will want to consider utilizing all areas in the closet. This includes the floor, the walls, the back of the closet door and using the rod for more than just hangers.

Utilize Efficient Storage Options:

  • Floor Storage:
    Stackable or expandable shoe storage is an easy and affordable option to keep several shoes organized together and efficiently utilize the floor space.
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  • Walls:
    The side walls and back walls in a closet offer an ideal place to attach hooks for accessories such as hats, scarves and bags.
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  • Back of Closet Door:
    If you have a standard door for your closet, the back of the door is a great place to attach hooks for storing accessories, clothes and bags.
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  • Rods:
    In addition to regular hangers, a great way to keep additional shoes, accessories (scarves, gloves, hats) and jackets organized is to utilize hanging storage options.

  • Additional Tip:
    Clearing out seasonal items and storing them elsewhere will help accommodate more space in your hall closet for the current season's items.

By adopting a few simple organizing tips, you can easily and efficiently tackle the clutter in your hall closet.

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