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How To Organize Your Automobile


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Organize Your Glove Compartment
How To Organize Your Automobile

Your glove compartment can look like this too!

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Since our glove compartment is always closed, it is tempting to throw a bunch of items in there until it accumulates into a big old mess. Not only does this mess make it difficult to close your glove compartment without applying excessive force, it also makes it difficult to locate important vehicle documents such as your insurance and registration.

Begin by removing all the contents of your glove compartment. Throw away or relocate (outside of your auto) any items that you don't utilize on a regular basis. Simplify this space with functional items:

  • Automobile owner's manual - this contains your auto information, insurance and registration.
  • A small first aid kit - you will be glad you have this in emergency situations.
  • Cell phone charger - in case of an emergency, you always want your cell phone to be charged.
  • Flashlight - this will come in handy if your car battery dies.
  • Napkins or paper towel - helpful for spills or cleanups.
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