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5 Bathroom Organizing Tips

Quick Tips to Organize and Declutter Your Bathroom


5 Bathroom Organizing Tips

You wouldn't think a relatively small space like your bathroom would be a breeding ground for clutter, but it often is. The main key for keeping bathroom clutter in check is to inventory your items regularly.

  1. Organize the drawers.

    Drawer divers aren't just for desk drawers -- they can help you keep grooming products and medicine separate as well. I like these custom drawer dividers.

  2. Streamline bathroom supplies.

    Matching bottles for shampoo, conditioner, body wash, body lotion, hair supplies -- these make for a soothing, streamlined look in the bathroom.

  3. Declutter weekly.

    Stay on top of this space by doing a weekly 30 Minute Bathroom Clutter Sweep. Doing this every single week for 30 minutes at a time is much more manageable than tearing your hair out once or twice a year trying to organize everything at once.

  4. Corral small items into a tray.

    I like to keep not only small items, but the items I use daily in a tray by the sink. There's something about a tray that makes things look more put together. For extra-added glamor, use a mirrored tray -- I've seen these at very affordable prices from Target.

  5. Keep the linen closet well organized.

    An organized, easy to use linen closet will also help you bathroom stay organized. The linen closet is the best place to store bulk bathroom supplies like toilet paper and products. Organize the linen closet regularly so you have a place to store your bathroom "overflow." Here are 5 Tips to Organize the Linen Closet

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