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10 Essential Bathroom Organizers

10 Ways to Organize the Bathroom


Bathroom organizers will give you an assist in adding more storage space to your bathroom, or lending a hand in tidying up the room. I like to store as little as possible on the bathroom counter and as much as possible in the back of the under-sink cabinet. That's whay my first pick is to utilize the cabinet door. I am also a huge fan of trays which are excellent at corralling little odds and ends and making everything seem more orderly.

1. Install roll out storage under the sink.

under the sink bathroom organizers
Photo / Martha Stewart
Try a roll-out under-sink basket which will make everything easier to reach, and allo you to more easily use and access the storage space in the back of your under-sink cabinet.

2. Hang a shower caddy for extra storage.

Shoer caddy as a bathroom organizer
Photo / Urban Outfitters
Don't over-clutter she shower, but do move the shower items you use daily into your shower, and corral them in a caddy. Here are some options:

3. Utilize the cabinet door.

Hang hair dryers, curling irons and tuck bath supplies into a cabinet drawer organizer. I like to use canister sets to store cotton balls, Q-tips and other small items together. The trick to make sure you are using sturdy storage solutions that can withstand daily use. My picks:

4. Store your hair dryer in a caddy.

Store your hair dryer in the bathroom
Sure-Loc Hair Dryer Caddy from Stacks and Stacks
My hair dryer and it's cord were always getting in the way in my bathroom until I installed a simple hair dryer caddy on the inside door of my bathroom cabinet. You could also try a hook to hang it in place on the wall. I like this Sure-Loc Hair Dryer Caddy which has space for brushes, a curling iron and curlers.

5. Store toilet paper in a basket.

Baskets as bathroom organizers
Photo / Pinterest

This is great for guests so they're not hunting around for a new roll, and let's be honest, it's easier for you to be able to just grab a new roll when necessary, too. This will save storage space in the linen closet and under the sink which can then be used for less frequently-used items.

TIP: Add in some of those pretty hand towels you never use rolled to make the basket or bin look less like a pile of TP and more like bathroom decor.

6. Hang bottles of cleaning products.

A simple tension rod or double hang can be used to hang cleaning supplies so they are easier to grab. This is also a great spot to hang cleaning gloves to dry after use.

Another trick is to use a bucket to corral cleaning supplies in the same spot.

7. Use trays to corral small items.

Silver Mesh Vanity Organizer by Design Ideas
Photo / Design Ideas
I like this silver mesh vanity organizer which can easily hold your most-used nail polishes, make up brushes and items like Q-tips and cotton balls. Trays make everything look neater.

8. Use a lazy susan to make things easier to reach.

I'm committed to using only square storage solutions, but I make an exception for lazy susans which make everything easier to reach in a cabinet. You can store a multitude of items on them, and still reach everything easily.

9. Create a labeled First Aid kit so anyone can easily spot the kit.

Labelled First Aid Kit
Photo / Martha Stewart
You don't think about a first aid kit until you need it, so make it stand out by clearly labeling it as first aid. A simple red cross on top should do the job, and make sure to re-stock 2-3 times a year. This is one of those items you don't think about too often but it vitality important.

10. Or, in a bathroom bucket.

This Oval Bath Bucket by The Macbeth Collection can be easily stored inside the bathroom, is washable and cute too boot.

There's something so simple about grouping everything you need together into a bucket, and they make things so much easier to put away when you're done using them.

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