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Easy Tips to Organize Your Bedroom Dresser


Easy Tips to Organize Your Bedroom Dresser
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Our bedrooms can easily get disorganized, including our dressers. The dresser drawer can end up looking like an unruly mess unless we follow these easy tips:

  • Empty Out Your Dresser Drawers:
    This is a good time to sort through your un-used belongings and get rid of things.

  • Create Similar Piles:
    Create piles for similar items such as jogging pants, t-shirts or tank tops.

  • Designate Similar Piles to Drawers:
    Put your items back in the dresser drawers according to the similar piles you created. For example, designate one drawer to tank tops only or, one drawer for t-shirts only.

Additional Tips:

  • If you have minimal dresser space, you can combine similar piles in one drawer. For example, t-shirts and tank tops can go in the same drawer. Just remember to keep the piles separate in order to make it easier to locate and put items back.

  • Keep undergarments organized by utilizing drawer storage .

  • Make a conscious effort when you are returning items back into the drawers to place them in the right place and in the right pile. This will save you time and confusion the next time you are searching for that item.

  • Organizing similar piles by style and color:
    This is a great time-saver when you am searching for a particular item. For example, one dresser drawer can hold a pile of casual t-shirts - whites together in one pile, assorted colors in another pile. The same drawer can hold dressier shirts in a separate pile and workout shirts in another pile.

The key to keeping dresser drawer clutter at bay is by creating similar piles, making a conscious effort to return your items to those similar piles, and routinely sort through your items to see if there is anything you can discard.

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