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How To Share a Bedroom Closet and Keep it Organized


How To Share a Bedroom Closet and Keep it Organized

Your closet can look like this too!

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As far back as I can remember, I have always had my own closet, and the use of additional space in the guest bedroom closet. That was the case up until just recently when I moved into my boyfriends home, and his closet.

Prior to me moving in, his closet was completely filled. I kindly requested that he make some room for me, secretly hoping that some meant ample to him. I was very pleased with the space he provided, and came equipped with my existing portable closet storage.

After I schlepped all the contents of my old closet into my new closet, I was ready to start organizing our closet.

Difficulty: Easy
Time Required: 1-3 Hours

Here's How:

  1. The first step to organizing is to de-clutter. Sort through your items and determine whether they are irreparable, and therefore should be tossed. Or, if they are in good shape but you no longer have use for them, donate.

  2. Assess the closet and its storage capabilities. If it is limited by a shelf and rod only, I strongly suggest investing in storage options such as:
    • Shoe Shelf: To make it easier to view, retrieve and put back shoes.
    • Drawer or Basket Cart: : To keep shirts, sweaters or lounge pants in order. Also good for undergarments and socks.
    • Shelf Dividers: A great way to keep folded items organized and in place on closet shelves.
    • Hanging Sweater or Shoe Holder: While the intent is for sweaters or shoes, I used mine for my purses, scarves and hats.

  3. If you are moving into someone's existing closet, make sure that you clarify the amount of space that you will need. But, also keep in mind that this is a shared closet, so even if you really want to occupy three quarters of the closet, graciously accept half of it.

  4. If you are sharing a small space, you may want to consider storing your seasonal items in a separate place. For example, you can utilize a spare closet if available. Or, you can store your seasonal items in containers and utilize the empty space under your bed, if it's available.

  5. Stay on Your Side: When you take items out of the closet and put them back, you may be in a rush and hang your items on their side of the closet. One word for you, don't! This is how things get disorganized, and most likely will cause annoyance for the other person.

  6. Weed Regularly: Keep a mental inventory of items that you aren't utilizing, and weed those items out by throwing away irreparable items, and donating the remainder. Practice this about once every few months.


  1. While there are numerous storage options available, you really only need to stick to the basics to get organized.
  2. Invest in proper hangers. There are so many different styles available to hang individual or several items. This is especially useful if you have limited space.
  3. Get creative with storage. Like I said, I used a sweater hanger for my accessories, and it works perfectly.
  4. Storage does not have to be expensive. There are innumerable affordable options. Compare prices and visit a few different stores.
  5. Remove "I will never get organized" from your vocabulary. That is silly and untrue. If you want to get organized, you can get organized. It's as simple as that!
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