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How To Organize a Small Closet


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You can maximize the space in your bedroom closet; even if it is tiny like mine, by incorporating a few simple solutions that are time-saving, budget-friendly and stylish.
Difficulty: Easy
Time Required: 1-2 Hours

Here's How:

  1. Clear Out The Clutter :
    Since you already lack the space, this is a perfect opportunity for you to determine what you should get rid of, and free up the space in your closet before we get it organized.
  2. Choose the Right Hangers:
    Multi-use hangers maximize your closet space by allowing you to hang several items on one hanger. Consider any of these affordable options:

    You may also want to consider regular hangers too. I am a big fan of wood hangers due to their affordability, style and they maintain the shape of my clothing.
  3. Utilize the Closet Door:
    If you want to free up space inside your closet, using the closet door is a great way to accomplish this. Consider any of these affordable options:

  4. Floor Storage:
    If you don't utilize your closet door for shoe store, you may consider floor shoe shelves, available in one or two shelves.

  5. Shelf Storage:
    If your closet has a shelf, you can utilize this space more effectively with storage containers or shelf dividers.If your closet is lacking a shelf, you could consider Hanging Shelves which works great for shirts, sweaters or accessories (purses or hats for example).

  6. Double Your Closet:
    If you have a standard closet without a top shelf, an effective way to maximize your clothing hanging space is to utilize a closet doubler .

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