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Organizing a Basement Apartment: Part 3

How to Create Closet Space When you Don't Have a Closet


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One drawback to my basement apartment is not having closet space. Since I lucked out with a full bathroom, I could accept the closet situation. I knew that there were plenty of storage options available to make this situation an advantage rather than a disadvantage.

I designated my bedroom area on the farthest back wall of the room which provided the most privacy and used the space wisely. I inherited a dresser that fortunately, stores a lot of my clothing (shirts, undergarments, socks, jogging pants, tank tops, etc.) and I placed it to the right of my bed.

Adjacent to my bed are 2 walls forming an L-shape, which provides a perfect space to accommodate a closet. Temporarily, until I decide on a more efficient solution, I had to use something to hang my clothes, store my accessories (purses, hats and scarves) and place my shoes. I came up with a simple and affordable solution:

  • Clothing:
    My sister let me use a free-standing multi-level wardrobe that she no longer needed. I use it to hang my pants, jackets, coats and sweaters.

  • Purses, Hats & Scarves:
    Inexpensive storage containers with lids are an easy way to store my purses, hats and scarves. I placed the containers at the bottom of the wardrobe, and since they are clear, I can easily identify the contents.

  • Shoes:
    An easy and inexpensive solution for storing shoes is on shoe racks. The multi-levels provide adequate storage for several pairs of shoes and allow you to easily view shoes at-a-glance.

These easy and affordable solutions are a great way to maximize the space and temporarily create closet storage without using an actual closet.

Since I have accumulated a lot of clothing and shoes, I am using this as a temporary storage solution until I find another option that will serve my needs and be budget-friendly. In the meantime, this system is a helpful alternative.

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