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How to Choose a Closet System

Wire, Elfa, Home Depot, Lowes, CLoset Maid & Rubbermaid Closet Organizers


Closet organization systems have flooded the market in the past few years. From wire to wood to hanging shelves, each closet organizer offers it's own unique approach to getting your wardrobe organized. Below I got through each organization system on the market, and offer advice on who should choose each system.

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If You Like to Mix and Match: The DIY Closet System

How to choose a closet system
Photo / Blueprint Magazine
This is by far my favorite system because you can pick and choose which closet organizers you need rather than hoping your wardrobe will fit into an entire system.

If You're a Commitment-Phobe: Free Standing Elfa Closet System

The Elfa Closet Organization System
Photo / The Container Store

This version of the Elfa Closet System is sturdy, strong, and comes in distinct styles and colors to match with your decor. It's a great options for renters because Elfa can be installed in either a closet or free-standing on a wall. The system features adjustable, coordinating drawers, hanging rods and shelving and is sold exclusively through the Container Store.

See Elfa options.

If You're on a Budget: The Easy Track Closet System

This is the budget option for a person interested in purchasing a matching system to store clothes and shoes.

If You Like Lots of Customization: Rubbermaid Closet System

Rubbermaid Closet Organizer
Photo / Rubbermaid

The Rubbermaid closet organizer is a simple, DIY system for designing a closet to fit your unique wardrobe. There is no cutting wood or shelving, the configuration is adjustable to the size of your closet.

If You Like to Mix and Match Storage Elements: Closetmaid Closet System

Closetmaid Closet Organizer
Photo / Closetmaid

The Closetmaid closet organizer is made of wire and features a wide array of customizable options like valet hooks, over-the-door storage and adjustable shelving.

If You Like a Professional Finish: Wall Mounted Elfa Reach-In Closet System

Wall Mounted Elfa Reach-In Closet Platinum
Photo / The Container Store

The great thing about the Elfa closet systems is that you can choose the wood finish to match your room, and The Container Store offers the option of planning a custom closet on-site at their sote, online or over the phone.

If You Like Luxury: California Closets System

Photo / Martha Stewart Omnimedia
California Closets will send an specialist to your home to work with you on your closet. They will help you asses: how much space you need, the best way to organize different elements, and quote you on pricing.

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