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My Favorite and Fast Closet Organizing Tips

In a rush? The 5 Fast Tips For Organizing Clothes Closets


Wall Mounted Elfa Reach-In Closet Platinum

Wall Mounted Elfa Reach-In Closet Platinum

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I recommend you do a complete closet over haul seasonally. If you're short on time and want to make a few simple yet impactful changes, try these favorite and fast 5 closet organizing tips:

1. Group like with like. Slacks should be hung; knits and sweaters should be folded. Your favorites in front of the closet, less-frequently worn items towards the back.

2. Hang & stack by color. You might forget if your blue sweater is a v-neck or crew neck, but you will always remember it's blue. Ditto for your flare leg and straight leg gray slacks.

3. Separate Out Undies

The most useful addition I've made to a closet is a set of baskets for undershirts (men) and camisoles (women). When you pull out a slightly see-through button down, too-low-cut-for-work wrap dress, or sheer sweater, you can easily find the appropriate under garment.

4. Organize with Baskets & Bins Baskets or bins are also great for tights, gym clothes and winter gear like mittens, scarves and hats. If you can store your winter accessories out of season in the same bin, even better.

5. Own less clothing! If you haven't worn something in its season for more than one season, you have three options: donate it, take it to the tailor and have it re-fitted, or put it in storage. (See: How to Declutter the Closet for help!)

Remember: Each piece of clothing is taking up valuable closet real estate-make them count! A good rule of thumb to follow: when you buy something new, be prepared to donate something old.

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