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Four Ways to Store Clothes

Ways to Store Clothes: Part of the Clothes Storage Series


Four ways to store clothes

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When I say these are “ways to store clothes” what I really mean is “ways to sort and store clothing.”  You can use these techniques to:

1. Sort and store the clothes you wear regularly and keep in your closets, wardrobes, dressers, bureaus, or closet organizer.

2. You can store clothes for the long term using one of these techniques as well.

I am a huge proponent of storing by function, but sometimes it makes a lot of sense to store by color (dress pants), size (maternity clothing), or season (scarves and hats).

Ways to Store Clothes

Store Clothes by Function

Storing your clothing by function is essential when they are specialities items. What do I mean by that?  If they are clothes you use for a specific activity, they should be set aside and stored together.

Examples: Gym clothes, Halloween costumes, Ski clothes.

I store the majority of my clothes by function (work, play, special occasion) and then sort by color.  Here’s how to sort and store your clothing by function.

Store Clothes By Function

Store Clothes by Color

Sorting and storing certain clothing items by color makes getting dressed easier.  For instance, I separate out all of my plain white t-shirts and stack them together, separately from my other t-shirts because the white ones are such a wardrobe staple for me. I wear them constantly, so having them in a separate piles makes coordinating outfits in a hurry a lot easier.

Store Clothes by Color

Store Clothes by Size and Length

For the most part, your clothing will be in a few different sizes based on manufacturer.  Example: I tend to wear size 8 shoes in one brand, and a 8.5 or a 9 in others. I don’t feel the need to separate shoes by size (I separate them by function:  work, casual, gym), but there are some types of clothes it just makes sense to sort and store by size and length.

Store Clothes by Size and Length

Store Clothes by Season

If you live in a four-season climate like I do (Connecticut), it makes a whole lot of sense to store clothes seasonally.  In the spring I take all of my winter coats to the dry cleaner and have them professionally laundered.  You could do this on your own, but I am lazy so I have it in my budget to let the pros handle it.

In the Fall, I wash, dry, sort, fold and store all of my beach-y summery-clothes into project bins to store for the winter. This way if I need my bathing suits in January, I know exactly where they are, but they are not crowding out my everyday clothing.

This is not brain surgery.  But I put together a guide on which clothes you should store by season:

Store Clothes by Season

The Clothes Organization Series

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