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How to Store Holiday Decor

Cards, Wreaths, Ornaments, Trees, Figurines... How to Store Your Holiday "Stuff"


These tools can be used to store your holiday decor, gift wrap, trees, and all manner of cheer in your basement or attic. I have chosen products that fit my top storage requirements: space-saving, durable and budget-friendly.

It's worth it to invest is high-quality storage products for holiday decorations because you'll be using them year-after-year for a lifetime.

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Baking supply storage

Cookie Cutter Set from Pottery Barn
Photo / Pottery Barn

In How to Store Everything in the Kitchen, I recommend two options for storing baking sheets and pans. For holiday baking, you will be storing more specialized items like cookie cutters, piping bags, and holiday-themed tins.

For storing these items, I go back to my tried-and-true method of creating project bins. This way you can easily retrieve your holiday-themed bake-ware without it crowding out your everyday cooking supplies.

Christmas tree storage

Christmas Tree and Holiday Decor Storage Ideas
Photo / Tumblr
If you invested in a fake tree (they are pricey!), make sure you store it properly to preserve its shape and look over the long haul. The best place to store the tree is in the basement, attic or even using overhead storage in your garage. Here are some options for what to store the tree in while it's not in use.

Figurines, tchotchkes & baubles storage

Water Globe Wreath from Target
Photo / Target
For figures both small and large, I like to use project bins. Wrap them in either bubble wrap or paper, and store them for the summer. Here's what I would include in this group:
  • Advent calendars
  • Menorahs
  • Any type of specialty candle holder
  • Nativities
  • Snow globes
If it's a snow globe, take extra care and definitely wrap this in bubble wrap.

Gift wrap storage

Gift Wrap Work Station
Photo / The Container Store
Gift wrap is best stored together in a dry place (i.e., don't store it in the garage where it could get wet). I store gift wrap in a long plastic bin under the guest room bed. Wherever you decide to store it, make sure it's accessible for the holidays. Here are three ideas for how to store gift wrap.
  1. Iris Gift Wrap Storage Box
  2. Holiday Organizer
  3. Santa's Bags Gift Wrap Organizer

Holiday card list storage

Holiday Party Invite with Ornaments
Photo / Tinyprints
In How to Organize Your Holiday Card Mailing, I recommend a few ways to store and edit your holiday card list.

Holiday card storage

I buy cards throughout the year (you can often find me at Target laughing or tearing up in the card aisle) and then save them until he appropriate birthday or holiday comes around. I save mine in a shoe box. Here are some better ways to save your holiday cards:
  1. Clear card keeper
  2. White greeting card organizer
  3. Greeting card case

Holiday light storage

Christmas Lights and Table Top from Ralph Lauren
Photo / Ralph Lauren

Raise your hand if you think this is the worst part of holiday storage. You're right! It's so frustrating I actually forgot to include how to store Christmas lights when I first worked on this list. Luckily I discovered a simple solution: cord wraps.

Cord wraps do exactly what they say they'll do, they allow you to wrap the lights around a specially-sized piece of plastic making the lights easier to store in a plastic bin, and easier to un-ravel next year. Check it out here: holiday light cord wraps. Bonus, they are super affordable.

Ornament storage

Storing your ornaments is a bit more time consuming than say, storing your socks, but with the right tools, you can be assured they'll stay safe over the warmer months.

Ribbon storage

Bright Satin Ribbon from The Container Store
Photo / The Container Store
There are so many Martha Stewart-esque options for storing ribbon, but the main decision you need to make is whether you are looking for a ribbon dispenser or ribbon storage? If it's storage, I recommend storing ribbon with your gift wrap, if it's a dispenser, here are some options:

Wrapping supply storage

Cool Yule Gift Wrap Collection from the Container Store
Photo / Container Store
Gift tags, scissors, tape -- they all need a proper storage space, too. I recommend you store these with your gift wrap.

Wreaths & garland storage

Christmas Wreaths and Decor
Photo / Rafter Tales
Just like with fake trees, proper storage solutions for wreaths and garland will help them keep their shape. Try these:
  • No Santa hat necessary to store your wreath in this flexible holder: Wreath Chest 42" with Center Storage. This is so light-weight, anyone can retrieve your wreath from it's storage spot.
  • A Wreath Storage Box, lacks the flexibility of a bag, and can be heavier, but it's much easier to stack.

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