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The 12 Days of Home and Garden Holidays

Holiday Decorations, Holiday Cards and Holiday Crafts


The 12 Days of Holiday Home & Garden is your one stop shop for all things holiday - crafts, decorating, cards, pets, holiday party planning and gift ideas. We'll be adding more content as the season approaches. Check back for regular updates on getting your home and pets into shape for the most festive holiday time of the year!

Follow along with our Guides as they blog the holidays starting December 14th.

1. 12 Days of Holiday: Get Organized

Holiday Organizing
Photo / Martha Stewart Living

A good organizing plan will go a long way to helping you enjoy the holidays rather than dread and stress over them. Here's how to get organized:

Holidays 101

How to Store all of your Holiday Decor | 5 Really Good Reasons to Send Holiday Cards How to Organize Your Holiday Cards in 4 Simple Steps
Holiday Etiquette Guide
| Share your Holiday Host tips

2. 12 Days of Holiday: Budget Decorating

If you need last minute budget decorating ideas or information on fabulous holiday home decor deals (for gifts or for yourself!), follow along on our 12 Days of Christmas blog beginning on December 14th. In the meantime, check our site for some wonderful tips and inspiration for holiday decorating on a budget.

Follow along with the blog starting December 14th

3. 12 Days of Holiday: Cats

Holiday Cats
Holiday Cats

Celebrate the Christmas Holiday with me by singing along with this old favorite Christmas carol, with a feline twist. A new verse will be added every day in this countdown toward Christmas.

Follow along with the blog starting December 14th.

4. 12 Days of Holiday: Christmas Decorations

Holiday Pool and Patio
Photo / Lisa Taylor

To help guide you through the holiday outdoor decorating process during the 12 days, consult this daily list for nonstop inspiration. A dozen how-to's, decoration reviews and idea galleries will have your porch, patio and yard looking like a winter wonderland, wherever you live.

Sing to the tune of "12 Days of Christmas." Better yet, hum it to yourself.
On the first day of Christmas decorations
My design muse gave to me...

Follow along with the blog starting on December 14th

5. 12 Days of Holiday: Horses

Holiday Horses
Holiday Horses

Happy ho, ho, horse’s holiday from About.com Horses. The horses guide has reworked the old classic carol ‘The Twelve Days of Christmas’ into the Twelve Days of Horses. Of course it starts with her true love giving her a horse—which is why he is her true love. But does the song stop there? We say neigh! Follow along for holiday horse gifts ideas, treat recipes and helpful horse facts.

Follow along with the blog starting December 14th.

6. 12 Days of Holiday: Feng Shui

Even if you choose just one of the 12 days of Christmas good feng shui gifts, you will still make a great choice! Consider giving gifts with good energy that keep on creating good energy, it is an excellent investment in yours and your loved ones' well-being

Follow along with the blog starting December14th

7. 12 Days of Holiday: Flea Markets

Eleven Pins A-Sparkling
Photo by Wayne Shiell

Enjoy the classic Christmas carol as rewritten for flea market shoppers. During "The Twelve Days of Flea Markets," you'll see vintage finds for holiday and year-round decorating.

Follow along with the blog starting December 14th

8. 12 Days of Holiday: Freshwater Aquariums

Fresh Aquarium Holidays
Fresh Aquarium Holidays

Celebrate the holiday time of year with this fishy version of the 12 Days of Christmas. Visit each day to see to find out what fishy gift my true love will give me, or follow the Freshwater Aquarium Blog. It's fun and sure to get you in the holiday spirit.

Follow along with the blog starting December 14th

9. 12 Days of Holiday: Laundry

Holiday Laundry
Holiday Laundry

As you sing along to this slightly revised holiday classic, click on the blue links to find simple stain removal instructions. You'll need to treat the stains each day for best results. Don't wait until Day 12!
Holiday...Stain Removal

Some might be disappointed with a gift for the laundry, but I know plenty of people who would love one of these! Just sing along to a slightly altered version of The Twelve Days of Christmas and choice what you would like under the tree.
Holiday...Laundry Gifts

Follow along with the blog starting December 14th

10. 12 Days of Holiday: Saltwater Aquariums

The 12 Saltwater Aquarium Days of Christmas
The 12 Saltwater Aquarium Days of Christmas

The 12 Saltwater Aquarium Days of Christmas. The 12 Days of Christmas was originally a children's story that eventually evolved into an English song. We submit to you our 12 Days of Christmas for anyone who has or wants to have a Saltwater Aquarium.

The 12 Saltwater Aquarium Days of Christmas

11. 12 Days of Holiday: Trees & Shrubs

Holidays Trees and Shrubs
Image by erix! via Flickr

You'll learn about 12 different trees and shrubs connected to Christmas with this rendition of "The 12 Days of Christmas", from a pear tree to Christmas camellias.

Follow along with the blog starting December 14th

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