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Review Fellowes P-12C Cross-Cut Shredder with SafeSense

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Fellowes P-12C Cross-Cut Shredder with SafeSense

Fellowes P-12C Cross-Cut Shredder with SafeSense

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The Bottom Line

This is an easy-to-use shredder for a home office. My favorite feature is the side-emptying basket. This means once you are finished shredding, you can pull the basket out from the side without having to remove the top. Much less mess!
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  • Side-emptying basket
  • Shreds 12 pages at a time
  • Shreds credit cards, staples and small paper clips
  • Ability to shred mixed paper product at the same time
  • Cross cut action helps to prevent identity theft


  • Loud


  • The Fellowes P-12c is capable of shredding 12 sheets of paper at once.
  • The Safe Sense technology automatically shuts off the machine if a hand (or pet) touches the opening to the shredder.
  • Cross-cutting blades mean the paper is even harder to identify after shredding.
  • Side-emptying basket is a nice bonus and easy to use.

Guide Review - Review Fellowes P-12C Cross-Cut Shredder with SafeSense

After a long search for the perfect shredder, I think I finally found my Mr. Right in the Fellowes P-12C Cross Cut. It has all three things I look for in a shredder:

  1. Handles credit cards without jamming;
  2. Shreds staples and (small) paper clips; and,
  3. Ability to shred of mixture of paper products at once.

My highly scientific test involved sending the following items into the shredder together:

  • 4 sheets of notebook paper
  • 2 3x5 note cards,
  • 2 business cards
  • 1 greeting card
  • 2 envelopes

In practice, this is how most home offices work: you shred a handful of mixed paper documents at once and you don't want to have to sort paper types or remove staples.

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