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Holiday Gift Giving Made Easier


Holiday Gift Giving Made Easier
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For this holiday season, my family and I decided to simplify the gift giving process. We wanted to make it budget-friendly and time-saving while ensuring that everyone received a gift. As a result, we all agreed upon Secret Santa, meaning that everyone would be secretly paired up with one person in the group to surprise them with a gift at the holidays.

Organizing Secret Santa is beneficial for families, friends or co-workers, and easy to organize:

Tools You Will Need:

  • 1-2 sheets of regular paper.
  • A hat (or bowl will work too)
  • Pens
  • Scissors
  • Everyone agrees upon a price limit to spend.

  • The paper is cut up into enough strips to accommodate all the people included.

  • Everyone writes their name on one side of the piece of paper.

  • On either side of the piece of paper each person is responsible for writing 3 gift preferences.

  • The papers are folded and placed in the hat.

  • Each person takes turns selecting a piece of paper from the hat.

  • You can only put the piece of paper back and re-select if you have chosen yourself.

  • Selections are kept confidential.

  • A date is selected for when Secret Santa gifts will be exchanged.
Secret Santa is an effective option for holiday gift giving while helping you to cut down on costs and save time by only shopping for one person as opposed to many people.

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