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How to Store Kitchen Appliances

Quickly and effiently store kitchen appliances.


There is no one "right" way to store kitchen appliances. Your organizing and storage scheme will depend on what type of cook you are, which appliances you use regularly and the size of your kitchen cabinet storage space.

That noted, following these guidelines will make appliance storage for any cook, in every kitchen, a bit easier.

Sort and declutter kitchen appliances

KitchenAid Artisan Red Stand Mixer from Crate and Barrel
Photo / KitchenAid Artisan Red Stand Mixer from Crate and Barrel

I like a clean and clear kitchen counter top as much as the next person, but don't be afraid to store some of your most-often-used appliances front and center on on your counter top. Kitchen organization is all about making your cabinets, pantry, refrigerator and appliances functional.

If you use an appliance daily, store it where you use it, on the counter top.

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Organize your kitchen appliances

For regular readers of this site, you'll know what those steps are:

  1. Pare Down
  2. Declutter
  3. Arrange by Category
  4. Maintain the Organization

Do plan to toss or store some of your less-used appliances, especially one-note pieces like panini presses and rice cookers.

How to Organize Kitchen Appliances in 4 Steps

Kitchen appliance storage solutions

Cuisinart Custon 14 Cp Food Processor
Photo / Cuisnart
You're in luck here because kitchen appliance storage options are plentiful. Tips:
  • As always, measure, measure, measure so when you buy a storage solution, you can have confidence it will fit.
  • Don't buy something new if you can re-purpose something old. Example: If you can use a shelf divider to fit small appliances into a cabinet, don't buy a fancy new gadget to do the same job.
Kitchen Storage Solutions:

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