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Easy Kitchen Pantry Organization

Part of the Kitchen Pantry Organization Series


A well-stocked, organized pantry is our goal. The kitchen pantry is your main source of storage for food items you use the most often like spices, oils, grains and boxed foods, so establishing and maintaining an organization system is key. I like to go through the pantry each week following the . You can choose to organize your pantry by a schedule, or when you've found it's too messy to suit your needs.

Pantry organization in 5 steps. 

Easy Kitchen Pantry Organization
Photo / Solarnovo

In this tutorial we'll go through the five steps of pantry organization:

  1. Assess the space
  2. Declutter
  3. Group like items with like items
  4. Plan and purchase storage solutions
  5. Maintain organization

Plan to spend a morning on afternoon on this great organization project.

The very best kitchen pantry storage solutions.

Kitchen Pantry Solutions for Storage
Photo / Pinterest

Your pantry may start off as a series of shelves, but there are several upgrades you can make to add a little extra storage.

Pantry Storage Tips:

  • Measure the shelving before committing to and buying a storage solution.
  • Write down your measurements on-the-spot; everyone thinks they'll remember but they often forget measurements.
  • Choose square over round to maximize space.

Tools to maintain your kitchen pantry organization. 

Pantry Tools
Collage / Elizabeth Larkin
These 7 pantry tools will make life easier when you work on maintaining your new kitchen pantry organization. Bag clips, food storage containers, and roll-out storage will been a boon to your pantry.

Kitchen organizing ideas. 

Under Shelf Baskets
Photo / The Container Store
Read others' and share your own kitchen ideas. Like the best ways to store pots and pans and how to maximize storage spaces.

Inspirational kitchen organization pictures. 

These Pictures of super organized kitchens will hopefully inspire you to get your kitchen pantry in shape and keep it that way.

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