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5 Really Good Reasons Why You Should Send Holiday Cards


Elf Green Boots Holiday Card

Elf Green Boots Holiday Card

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Sending out a big batch of holiday cards may seem like a time-consuming chore, especially when your goal is to de-clutter your life and become more organized. Why add in an additional task that involves time and money, showcases your terrible handwriting, and in some circles is no longer considered a holiday must?

I've found that the annual ritual of choosing, creating and sending holiday cards has several benefits:

  1. Keep in Touch.

    A holiday card may be the only contact you have each year with your extended family and family friends. If you have someone who means a lot to you - a teacher, rabbi, former boss, family friend, or a favorite aunt, whom you don't get to see often, writing them a short note each year keeps you connected.

  2. Get Organized.

    If you've moved, it's an easy way to let everyone know your new address. If your own address book is a mish-mash, this is the time to get it organized and updated.

  3. Network.

    If you'd like to get back in touch with a former colleague who is now in a position to assist you in a career change or move, a holiday card is a great way to reach out (you can follow-up in January with an email asking for their assistance). Are you looking for a new house? A date? A puppy? Mention it in your holiday card.

  4. Say Thank You.

    Forgot to thank someone this year for a gift or a favor? Send them a card and include a "P.S. Thank you for the blender, I've gotten a lot of use out of it!" or, "P.S. Thank you so much for putting me in touch with your neighbor Hank, he was very helpful in finding the right snow blower."

  5. Make Mom Happy.

    Not only will she receive a card; you know she'll be delighted when your family and family friends mention you included them on your holiday card list.

    Mom will know she raised you right, and Santa may put a little something extra in your stocking. Now that we have you on board, I've compiled an easy Holiday Card Step-by-Step guide to make your holiday card project a little more manageable.

Get Organized For the Holidays
Everything you need to know to get organized for the holidays.
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