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Keep Your Bedroom Closet Organized With Smart Spacing Hangers!

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The Bottom Line

I can't rave enough about this product! It provides both style and function at a reasonable price. While my con states that it is a little pricey if you purchase the hanger and spacer system. However, you have the option of utilizing your own hangers and just purchasing the spacers, which make it very affordable. The bottom line is that this is an investment that will pay for itself and you will be utilizing it for many years to come. I highly recommend it.


  • Easily Organize Clothes and Accessories
  • Eliminate Your Clothes From Getting Wrinkled and Tangled
  • Maximize The Space Of Your Closet - double to triple the space!
  • Great For Ensembles and Coordinating Your Week's Wardrobe
  • Can Utilize Existing Hangers


  • A Little Pricey (but there are affordable options)


  • Stylish and Functional!
  • Maximize Your Closet Space Tremendously!
  • Protect the Quality of Your Clothing!

Guide Review - Keep Your Bedroom Closet Organized With Smart Spacing Hangers!

These hangers are fantastic! I don't have a spacious closet and not only do these hangers look very stylish, they help maximize the space tremendously. The spacer easily attaches to your existing hangers or the purchased hanger, and provides enough space to prevent over-crowding and wrinkling. In addition, you can attach multiple hangers to each of the spacers to even further maximize your space. I like the fact that you have color options to choose from, and that you can use existing hangers if you want to keep your costs down. I highly recommend investing in this product if you want to maintain the organization of your closet for many years to come.
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Scammer - be ware, Member karen2809

Hi, made an international order through her website. Payed 50$ for 25 spacers, never received them. Now a month after, she tells me dubious stories and lied a few times. I am filing a complain against her in BBB and PayPal. Beware if you care about your money. Sad.

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